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5 Tech Toys Your Office Needs for 2016

What would the new year be without new toys? Luckily, in 2016, you can take your toys to the office. Simple, functional design combined with high-tech capabilities make this new year an awesome time to go to work.


Nendo Data Clip Flash Drives

Want to add a  touch of tech to a paper report or your next networking event? Try these sleek, 4GB flash drives from Oki Sato’s nendo design studio. They clip to a stack of papers as a digital backup, and they also hook together for safekeeping.

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Phree Mobile Input Device

Phree uses infrared laser technology to record data input on virtually any surface. That means the entire world becomes your notebook! Store ideas for later, or watch them instantly appear on your chosen screen. No more drawing on cocktail napkins, and this pen won’t leak through your shirt.

swivelCard Smart Business Cards

The swivelCard is a physical business card that stores digital information by folding up and plugging into a USB port (what!?). It’s perfect for social media marketing, trade shows, and more. Moreover, it combines the technical and the tangible, a unique mark of modern business interaction.

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Buro Office Tools Blocks

Nothing clutters up a desk faster than a collection of misshapen objects. These sleek office tools from Yanko Design line up in a neat, pleasing, and colorful block that you’ll want to display, keeping them within easy reach and leaving drawer space less cluttered as well!

KeyFolio Tablet Keyboard Case

This Sleek ipad kickstand case stand up with a backlit keyboard and charges your iPad and your phone while it’s in use. In an age of BYOD (bring your own device) business, This handy gadget can help you feel at home anywhere–day or night, in the office, or on the go. Your front desk deserves a new tech toy, too! Make it happy with a free 14-day trial of The iPad Receptionist.

A Smart Display Is Essential for a Connected Home

Display Looking to upgrade your smart-home setup even more? Consider a smart display, which allows users to manually control all of their connected devices from one convenient place. You might be wondering what a smart display can do that an Amazon Alexa- or Google Assistant-powered speaker can’t.


Thanks to a touch-screen panel, a smart display is much more interactive than a smart speaker, while keeping all of the same basic functionalities. Learn more about our three top-rated smart display picks below:

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The Amazon Echo Show 8 is the best smart display for most consumers. The Alexa-powered product has a high-quality 8-inch touch screen that’s neither too big nor too small, powerful stereo speakers, a camera with a built-in privacy shutter (meaning you can cover the camera when you don’t want to use it), and a reasonable price. PCMag also concluded that the Echo Show 8 “offers a nearly perfect balance of price, performance, and size.”

The screen of the Echo Show 8 allows users to watch news, get the latest weather reports, follow cooking recipes, keep tabs on your security cameras, and stream Prime Video content, among many other things. Equipped with a duo of 2-inch speakers and passive bass radiator, the smart display sounds surprisingly great for its size.

The built-in camera of the Echo Show 8 will allow you to make free video calls with other Echo Show owners. Amazon offers an optional stand for the device, which allows you to adjust the angles of its display and camera to your liking. If you’re an Amazon user looking to get the most that a smart display can offer, then we think the Echo Show 8 is the best option for you.


The Google Nest Hub Max is the most feature-packed smart display worth your attention today. Key features of the product include a vibrant 10-inch touch screen, powerful stereo speakers, a built-in Nest smart camera, and the tech giant’s fantastic virtual assistant. You can order this smart display in two colors: charcoal and chalk.

The display of the Hub Max has an ambient light sensor, which automatically adjusts its brightness and color temperature depending on the lighting conditions in the room. While testing the product, I enjoyed it for watching news, streaming live games on YouTube TV, and improving my cooking game, among other things.

The big screen also doubles as an excellent photo frame. You can effortlessly sync Google Photos and showcase your favorite memories on the Nest Hub Max.

The built-in 6.5 MP camera is handy for making Google Duo video calls, as well as for monitoring your home while you’re away. The Verge observed that “no other smart display offers this kind of extended functionality.” The Hub Max can also use its camera to recognize the faces of household members and show personalized onscreen content, including notifications. Dubbed Face Match, this feature takes minutes to set up.

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The Amazon Echo Show 5 smart display is a smaller device with a price tag to match. Priced below $100, the gadget not only serves as an intuitive smart home command center, but it’s also a perfect replacement for your old alarm clock.

The 5.5-inch touch screen of the Echo Show 5 is suitable for performing countless tasks, but too small for binge-watching your favorite Prime Video series. The sole full-range speaker of the device is perfect for waking you up and keeping you informed about your daily life, but not for rocking out to your favorite tunes. If you’re planning on streaming music frequently, consider a bigger Echo Show with built-in stereo speakers.

The Echo Show 5 has a camera for making free video calls with other Echo Show owners. We like that Amazon has equipped the camera with a privacy shutter. Thanks to an optional stand, you can easily adjust the display and the camera angles of the smart display.

The 7 Best Wireless Mice Our Tech Editors Swear By

Wireless Mice is an essential computer peripheral that can vary greatly in terms of shape, size, price, and available features. It connects to a PC or Mac via a USB receiver or Bluetooth. Keep in mind that if you go the USB receiver route, the receiver needs to be permanently plugged into your computer in order for the mouse to stay connected.


We’ve researched more than 30 different wireless mice and even tested out a few models ourselves to help narrow down the choice for you. You may quickly notice that the majority of our picks are Logitech branded mice, and folks this is not sponsored content. Our two tech editors both agree that Logitech is the best in this product category.

Check out our favorite picks that will make working at a computer a much more comfortable experience!

1. Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse

This is the best wireless mouse money can buy. It’s customizable and comfortable, and it works on any surface. Its rechargeable battery lasts for over a month on a single charge, and the mouse can pair with up to three devices. It easily switches from Mac to PC thanks to its nifty

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2. Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

Tired of wrist and hand cramps after sitting at your desk all day? The MX Vertical fromLogitech may be able to help alleviate your pain! Our senior tech editor, Stefan Vazharov, had nothing but high praise for this odd shell-shaped mouse. Vazharov found the mouse to be extremely comfortable and  easy to use, and it also prevented his wrist from cramping up.

3. Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Optical Mouse

A Wirecutter best overall pick, the Triathlon from Logitech connects to your PC or Mac over Bluetooth or an included USB dongle. You can pair it to up to three different devices. It also has six customizable buttons, 2 years of battery life, and a comfortable design.

Users who need to zip through long documents will appreciate its hyper-fast scroll wheel. This mouse only comes in black, and it’s powered by an AA battery.

4. Microsoft Surface Arc Wireless Mouse

Available in a number of catchy colors — from basic black to blue, red, pink, and sage — the Microsoft Surface Arc is a thoughtfully designed mouse that’s a perfect match for trackpad lovers.

It works as both a mouse and a touch-sensitive trackpad, so you can easily scroll vertically or horizontally. We love how compact and portable it is. It even folds down for easy transport. It’s great for both left- or right-handed users. Our food and drinks editor, Danielle St. Pierre, used the mouse for a few weeks and said it also is a good option for folks who have small hands.

“It basically has one big button with left- and right-click features (no separation between sides), which took some getting used to,” she added. If you’re looking for a sleek, ergonomic, and modern mouse this one simply can’t be beat!

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5. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse

For those in search of a portable, comfortable, and convenient wireless mouse that you can easily toss in your laptop bag, consider this option from Logitech. It’s the perfect mouse for coffee houses and airport lounges because of its compact design and versatility. I work remotely and strictly use it when I work on the go.

The MX Anywhere 2S has both Bluetooth and USB receiver connectivity for up to three computers. Its key features include stylish design, fast scrolling, customizable buttons, and the ability to work on all surfaces. The gadget’s rechargeable battery can last up to 2 months on a single charge. Trust me, I probably have charged it twice in the 6 months I’ve owned it.

8 Mobile Videography Tips for Beginners

Mobile phones are designed for many tasks. In a single, compact device you have a digital camera, MP3 player, video player, and any other services you can think of. Yes, your mobile phone is a jack of all trades and is slowly redefining the photography and videography industry.

Videography 2

Today anyone with a smartphone can effortlessly record a video and broadcast it to anyone. However, it takes a lot more than that to shoot professional footage. Yet with practice and knowledge of a few video production tips and tricks, you can record an award-winning documentary, school project or an indie movie with just your mobile phone. Below are some mobile videography tips used by elite Videographers in Dubai.

1. Shoot in landscape, not portrait

Nothing screams amateur like two black vertical bars along both sides of video footage. Although this is an exception with screens that have a portrait orientation, it’s not for devices such as computers or televisions that have landscape-oriented displays.

The good news is that you can avoid this amateur mistake by turning your phone on its side and recording your footage in landscape orientation. Not only will this format make your video more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also make it more pleasant to watch when viewed on a widescreen. Additionally, proper orientation ensures that your subject completely fills the frame.

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2. Lighting

Smartphones are fitted with LED lights that are incredibly bright and can easily affect the color temperature of photos. Thus instead of rushing to use the flash feature on your phone, consider one of the best sources of light; natural light such as the sun. All you have to do is face your subject towards the source of light. On the other hand, if you need to record a video at night, you may want to consider other sources of lighting apart from the flash feature on your phone.

Moreover, it’s essential to avoid backlight settings. This is because, while it’s possible to see people and their faces when they are backlit, your mobile phone camera can’t, and it will produce footage with bright light haloing a dark figure. Moreover, your subject will not have any visible features, meaning you’ll miss what you were trying to capture. To avoid backlight, consider basic light setup and configuration.

3. Stability is key

Although your mobile phone is small and extremely light, it can be held steadily using both your hands and locking your elbows into your body. Alternatively, you can invest in a tripod to eliminate slight involuntary movements that could potentially ruin your footage. Generally, you’ll need an adapter clip for your smartphone when using a tripod.

4. Avoid using zoom

It may be tempting to use the zoom feature on your mobile phone for a closer shot of your subject. But there’s nothing as unfortunate as using the digital zoom, which is readily available on your smartphone. What this does is basically incorporate a few software tricks that make your subject seem closer without any substantial amounts of pixelation.

If you want to zoom in using your smartphone without losing the vivid, crisp quality you want, simply walk closer to your subject and record your footage. Alternatively, invest in high-tech smartphones that allow you to take tight shots of your subject or object.

5. Focus and exposure

Mobile phones will automatically detect and adjust focus and exposure accordingly, which is excellent when taking quick snaps. However, when it comes to recording a video, you require more manual control to lock this feature and avoid leaving your footage overexposed and out of focus.

To control this, simply tap on your subject using your mobile phone’s default camera app to manually lock the exposure and focus of your video. Moreover, you can adjust the exposure and focus of your footage while filming. Nonetheless, manually setting the focus is an excellent technique that allows you to get close to the subject or object and need your camera to focus on a specific area.

6. Audio recording

It’s no secret that good quality audio is essential for a powerful and professional video. The good news is that the microphones on mobile phones can get the job done. You can invest in audio accessories such as Bluetooth microphones to improve the audio of your footage. Alternatively, you can use external professional microphones that can be connected to your computer to record audio.

7. Try out slow motion and time-lapse, but don’t overdo it

The majority of mobile phones come with inbuilt slow-motion and time-lapse features in the default camera application.

The slow-motion mode allows you to capture videos at an accelerated frame rate, which, when played back at normal speed, the action in the footage appears much slower than real-time. On the other hand, time-lapse allows you to record footage at a lower frame rate, which, when played back at normal speed, the action moves faster than in real-time. Although these modes are great for capturing excellent footage, it’s essential not to overuse them. For instance, the slow-motion feature is fantastic for capturing unusual movements that the naked eye can’t see, such as action shots. On the other hand, time-lapse is great for footages that span over some time such as moving clouds, people walking or the sun setting, among others.

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8. Edit

A little editing here and there goes a long way in making your footage as professional as possible. The best part is that you can do this on your mobile phone, so you won’t need fancy or expensive gadgets to get the work done.

Generally, you can perform necessary trimming, adding transitions, effects, or titles using your smartphone. Whether you’re shooting an indie film or a school project, your mobile phone can streamline the process from beginning to end to ensure you get the best results.

Today, recording a professional video is smooth and effortless, considering you have all the tools you need within the stretch of your hands. Thus, if you are considering leaving a mark with your next vlog, film, or documentary, apply some of the tricks mentioned above for more powerful and professional footage.

11 Gadgets That Just Might Save Your Life One Day

Save A modern person is thought to be completely reliant on gadgets like smartphones or laptops, but that’s a far cry from the truth. Below are some devices a person’s life can truly depend on.


Bright Side gathered several modern inventions that can help you out in a difficult situation.

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11. A venom extractor

The Sawyer extractor pump kit will help you remove venom left by insects or snakes. The name says it all: it’s a powerful and convenient vacuum pump that can extract venom from a wound. Apart from the pump, the kit includes a razor, sterile tissues, and Band-Aids.

10. A pocket slingshot

The Pocket Shot allows you to shoot diverse projectiles, from metal balls to stones or bolts, with just a slight effort and hardly any special skills. Just put your projectile into the rubber sling, pull it back, aim at your target, and release. Perfect for small game hunting. And what’s more, you can easily make one yourself! Here are the instructions.

9. An anti-attack ring

This Go-Guarded anti-assault ring will perfectly suit active women that like to hike, walk or jog alone, especially before sunrise. It can be worn on any finger and can be taken out easily if a sudden assault occurs. Go Guarded has a jagged edge that increases a person’s chance to successfully fight off an unexpected attack.

8. A self-propelled float lifesaver

U-Safe is a smart float with an electric engine and remote control. It’s made for use on ships and in coast guard teams. The remote control lets you guide the float to a person who has fallen overboard and safely get them to the shore or the ship’s hull. Developers also plan to add a multiple-person option and increase the distance it can travel.

7. A shark repellent

Sharkbanz is an indispensable device for divers and surfers. Just clasp the bracelet on, activate it, and it will start emitting ultrasound signals that will make you an undesirable object for sharks. By the way, even if you aren’t going to get acquainted with sharks, the startup’s Instagram account is still quite interesting to follow.

6. An alarm ring

Nimb is your personal guardian angel,” its creators say. All in all, it’s a simple concept of a portable alarm button you can push quickly and discreetly. The alarm is sent to your close ones’ smartphones or to rescue service. Those with chronic diseases and lovers of night promenades will appreciate this device. And as a side note, it also looks quite stylish.

5. A multifunctional key ring

Nothing too smart here – just a set of important tools and that’s it. But this tiny monster can get you out of many extreme situations. It’s comprised of 9 tools that include a hammer, a flashlight, a strap cutter, an alarm beacon, and several more. We do hope, though, that you won’t need them at all.

4. An emergency beacon

Rescue Me Balloon is made to mark the location of people in distress. It’s a compact orange box that you can easily take with you on a hiking trip. To mark your location, tear off the cap. An air balloon will rise up 150 ft (45 m). At night, the balloon will flicker thanks to a light ring that accumulates solar energy during the day.

3. An external antenna

A stylish gadget, goTenna will help you when mobile networks are of no use. The device allows smartphone and tablet users to stay online even when there’s no link. It creates a private network that lets you send messages and your GPS coordinates with the help of low-frequency waves for up to 50 miles (80 km).

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2. A universal water filter

Anyone who’s been in the wild knows that the issue of drinking water is crucial. The Sawyer charcoal filter allows you to quickly filter any water, making it fit for drinking. Its convenient shape lets you not only use it as an attachment to a bottle but also drink right from the body of water.

1. A charming protector

CAMP/y is made for all those who like camping with a tent and a cozy fire. This charming “beast” uses its sensors to watch over important parameters nearby. It can detect wild animals or people, a gas leak, a change of weather, and a number of other factors. The data is sent to a smartphone, and, in case of danger, the device can sound an alarm. In addition, CAMP/y can act as an electronic repellent for mosquitoes in a 6-feet (2 m) radius. An important skill!

Smart Speaker Market explodes in Popularity

Smart speakers are seeing increased adoption in WiFi-enabled houses across the country. In fact, these Internet devices now reside in over twice as many homes compared to one year ago, according to data from the media analytics company, ComScore. 20 percent of American households with WiFi include some form of the smart speaker.

Smart Speaker

We covered this voice-activated technology ever since the Amazon Echo first hit the marketplace in 2015. Now let’s analyze this latest information to help you decide on purchasing your own smart speaker. Maybe your house even needs a second or third unit?

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A Closer Look at the Expanding Smart Speaker Market

After Amazon garnered a surprise hit with the Echo, many other technology companies joined the fray with similar devices. The Google Home and Apple’s HomePod, powered by Siri, are two obvious examples. The speaker from Cupertino is known for its superior sound quality, but suffers from being tethered to the Apple “walled garden.”

For its own part, Amazon released a cornucopia of variants on the Echo. These include the Amazon Tap, the smaller Echo Dot, and others. A few third-party units, like some Sonos models, even add voice control using Amazon’s Alexa.

All these options for consumers led to an explosion in the smart speaker market over the recent Holiday season. The comScore data nicely illustrates this massive growth. According to the company, the market grew 50 percent in the three month period from December to January.

18.7 million homes now use at least one smart speaker. 30 percent of those households own more than one. The demographics for this market transcend all age groups and income levels.

Susan Engleson from comScore commented on this massive market growth. “Driving this uptick in adoption was a larger variety of devices as well as lower price points. Google released the Home Mini on October 19 and kept the price at $29 for the holiday season. Amazon expanded its lineup prior to the holiday season with new devices – Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Spot and Echo Look – and also offered its entry-level device, the Echo Dot, for $29,” said Engleson.

Bandwidth Considerations for a Smart Speaker

So does a smart speaker use a large amount of your Internet bandwidth? Thankfully, voice-activated speakers consume a similar amount as any audio device, like Internet radio. In short, you won’t need a Google Fiber account to get the most out of your Echo, Tap, or HomePod.

If you want the best sound quality for using your smart speaker to stream music, the Apple HomePod received the best reviews. Sonos provides another worthy – possibly even superior – option with its Alexa voice control features. Still, even the best smart speaker doesn’t equal a fully appointed 5.1 home entertainment system to play music.


Most music streaming services, like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Google Play are able to be managed using voice commands. This serves well as an alternative to a Bluetooth speaker or other wireless speaker option.

Obviously, it serves an expanding niche in the American household. Everything from checking the latest scores to the local rush hour traffic is possible. You are also able to control your smart home. Simply use your voice to ask a question, whether it’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, or another voice assistant.

The 9 Best 4K Monitors of 2020

4K Monitors become more ubiquitous, it may be difficult to pick out the best ones from the flood of new offerings. With well-known companies like LG, Phillips, Asus, and Dell all offering panels, together with lesser-known brands like BenQ and ViewSonic, it may be hard to decide which best suits your needs.

4K Monitors

Fortunately, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it by reviewing and researching each 4K display, evaluating them based on design, screen size and quality, and extra features like split-screen that make them better to use for productivity. You should also take a look at our general computer monitor list to see if any of them suit you.

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Available with FreeSync technology which provides similar benefits to Vsync without losing performance, the LG 27UD58-B 27-inch 4K monitor is the best you can get without spending an arm and a leg. Designed with gamers in mind, the 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution offers more than four times the resolution of Full HD and has more than 8.3 million pixels on the screen. Our tester used it to play in Game Mode, taking advantage of the customized and optimized game settings, together with FreeSync.

Beyond gaming, multitasking lovers will find a use for Screen Split 2.0, which allows for the display of multiple windows at once, including four different picture-in-picture (PIP) options.

Made with creative types in mind, the BenQ PD3200U is a beautiful 32-inch 4K monitor that features vivid colors and ideal viewing angles. With modes such as Darkroom, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and Animation, the BenQ has a unique set of display settings that can provide a more efficient work environment, all with stunning color precision. Past the different modes, the BenQ also allows users to display and control the content on two separate PC systems on one monitor with just one keyboard and mouse. Our tester found it ideal for developing, editing, and just generally working on.

Moreover, the ergonomic design is made for tilting, pivoting and swiveling the monitor to find the perfect orientation in both vertical and horizontal mode. Well equipped with ports and a strong stand, the BenQ is a creative’s, dream monitor.

Who says an Ultra HD monitor has to be ultra-expensive? If you’re in need of a low-cost resolution bump, check out the Philips 276E8VJSB. This 27-inch monitor has an 8-bit IPS matte panel that uses a technique called frame rate control (FRC) to simulate HDR-like quality. That means you’ll get over the one billion marks for the color count, but it’s not true HDR. Regardless, this monitor produces a dreamy picture for your games and movies.

Another benefit of that IPS nature is a wide viewing angle, allowing you to view the display at extreme angles with little picture degradation. The refresh rate tops out at 60hz, at 4K resolutions, most won’t be able to hit crazy frame rates beyond that anyway. You’ll also find faster response time in other monitors, but 5ms is still very respectable and usable for all but the most hardcore pro gamers and graphics designers.

As for design, Philips uses a borderless bezel. All but the bottom edge are thin enough to place multiple monitors side-by-side for seamless continuation. The included adjustable stand can be awkward to fit on a desk, but there are 100x100mm VESA holes on the rear for mounting. Speaking of rear-facing components, you have your choice of DisplayPort 1.2 or two HDMI 2.0 connectors, one of which supports HDMI audio out for more sophisticated home theater needs.

Boasting a 43-inch display with a 10-bit IPS panel, the massive Philips BDM4350UC 4K monitor is a great all-purpose option. Featuring a 5ms response time, there’s also a slew of connections, including fast charging, four USB 3.0 ports, two Display Ports, two HDMI 2.0 ports with MHL and audio in/out. The latter is most notable since the Philips includes dual seven-watt speakers built-in. Its large size is appropriately matched with MultiView, which enables the screen to be split into four separate Full HD displays (you can also utilize picture-in-picture mode for more ways to make use of the space). Our reviewer used this feature to good effect for multitasking and productivity.

The 178-degree viewing angle allows the 43-inch display to be properly viewed from almost any side while still providing bright colors for photos, movies, Web browsing and professional applications where color accuracy is critical.

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You won’t see many frills or flashy aesthetics on the Dell UltraSharp Monitor U3219Q, but its sleek, minimal look fits right in to any home or office. More importantly, you’ll feel and appreciate the high-quality build and functional, ergonomic design.

The 32-inch thinly-bordered screen offers plenty of viewing real estate while remaining slim and relatively lightweight with a small footprint. With VESA-mount compatibility, you can ditch the stand and mount it on the wall to save even more space. Our reviewer praised the big, beautiful screen for how well it suited businesses and creatives.

The Dell U3219Q was designed to be flexible and comfortable for the user as well. It can be adjusted in almost any way—it tilts forward and back, swivels 30 degrees each way, and adjusts more than five inches up and down. It can also pivot 90 degrees to be used in portrait mode. Connectivity options are plentiful, with a highlight being a USB-C port and included cable. Connecting to laptops and mobile devices via USB-C also serves to charge them with 90 watts of power, helping reduce cord clutter at your workstation.

5 Instagram Marketing Hacks for 2019


Insta is the new-gen face of any millennial, who wants to interact and get interacted with. This post will walk you through five super high Instagram marketing hacks that will make your business more vibrant and get in many audiences.

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Hashtags & Geo-Tags

Ever informed that few Instagram hashtags can increase your engagement and followers count? Likeminded people get to see your posts on their newsfeed, just because of one effective hashtag. Popular hashtags like #Tagforlikes or #Followback can capture more attention.

Geo-Tagging is a great feature for locally-based businesses. It may reach the people of your location to be accessed. If you’ve forgotten to geo-tag in any of your images, just click on the three dots near your picture and edit, then you can simply geo-tag.

Like & get alike

You would have been noticing random people liking your images even when they aren’t your followers. This may be a result of either your hashtag or primarily because of your likes for some other images. For every 10 photos you randomly like, you may receive 15-20 likes approximately. Why take a chance?  Keep liking, and make people happy too.

Keep Track of timings

Many of us might have a rough day, and might be clinging to our routine and wanting to move out of it by swiping through the social news feed. After work hours, social media engagement would high in heights. Posting between 9 pm and 8 am will create maximum impact for your posts, as off-hours are the most effective time to post videos on Instagram.

Keep Telling(Posting) Stories

Instagram unveiled the stories feature in 2016, and people started being crazy about it. That particular option can be a powerful tool if used in the right way. Insta stories allow you to add a “call to action” button within your story. This can serve great for you to advertise inviting consumer interaction. They are ideal for promotions, limited time offers, sales and new products, for a shorter period.

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Go live, Be alive

Going live on Instagram is another great feature for any business. This allows brands to stream hour-long videos that too in real-time! This can hold interactive content, FAQs, Tutorials, behind-the-scenes, tutorials and much more. Since the video will disappear in 24 hours of its initial publication date, the content can be more exclusive and personal. This moment can make your followers drive back to your page and website effectively.

Make Your Event Paperless Using Technology

Paperless Do you know that Landfills are among the biggest contributors to soil pollution – roughly 80% of the items buried in landfills could be recycled? Do you know that 4.1 million hectares of forests each year are destructed/ cut to fulfill our paper obsession?


Organizing an event, irrespective of the scale means that there will be loads of vendor management, exclusive invites, gifts, and loads of printing. Some of these items are steadily becoming outdated in favor of digitalization, at least in some parts of the world.

Like many of us have trained ourselves to stop before printing out emails as we move into the thick of the 21st century, we can go paperless and make our events sustainable and environmentally friendly!

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Go Paperless and organize sustainable events

A good start to change this can be trying to rely more on technology. Every event these days have a website and every attendee will surely have an email address.  Go paperless by showcasing all information either on the website or the mobile app. Paper invitations should be replaced with email invites- the designers do an amazing job to give a royal touch to the attendees.

With the surge of technology, paper-work has become a trend of the past. Most event businesses are now moving on from the tedious, old school methods towards newer technology that simplifies their tasks. People have started looking for ways that reduce effort and increase their efficiency helping them achieve better results.

Going paperless has several advantages:

  • it minimizes hassles
  • eliminates manual work
  • makes it easy for your attendees to sign up from anywhere
  • even cuts down on your staff needs

Some event organizers are reluctant while opting for the paperless method, they are still very apprehensive if going paperless is actually the right choice they are making. To ensure that you do not lose any data and cause any errors in the process of going paperless is critical. A trusted event management tool is needed to ensure that you have not made the choice by opting for the paperless method for your event.

Use Townscript to go Paperless

Townscript can help you make your event paperless. It is packed with all the features that you might need while organizing your event. Townscript can help you sell tickets (in various categories) manage attendees, payments, invites and a lot more.

Some of the advantages of going paperless with Townscript are:

1. Conveniently create an event on Facebook. Mention the Townscript ticket link in the URL and invite your friends and attendees through Facebook. You can even sell tickets directly on Facebook!

2. Sell tickets online using Townscript. Once the attendee makes the payment for the ticket, he/she will receive an e-ticket. He/she can present that copy of the ticket at the event, no hard-copy required.

3. Use the Townscript Event Manager App – a simple and easy to use android organizers app to manage check-in on the day of the registration. Instead of printing attendee sheets, use our free app to check-in the attendees on your event day. Check out our Townscript Event Organiser App

4. Townscript Send Announcement feature to send important announcements and materials as attachments. No need to give information like event agenda, route map, conference schedule, speaker profiles, etc. in hard copy. Simply use this feature to send any such information in the form of attachment through emails.

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Best Spy Camera Ideas In 2020

Spy Camera

Spy Gadgets around us like a spy cameraspy voice recorder, spy camera, spy pen and many more. But now we are going to discuss Best Spy Gadgets. Along with this we also discuss many other things like toys for kids that fit for different age of kids. You can also choose them as a birthday gift for kids.

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Best Spy Camera Ideas In 2020

As you know at this age everything is updated very quickly. In a very short time, we see the new version of everything just like the same way spy gadgets become small and smaller and also faster and reliable in this age of time.

Top 10 Best Spy Gadgets 2020 available in the market. There are many types of spy gadgets for children like nano cameras for the child that they just use to play with their fellow and recording their videos and make some jokes.

And parents are using these types of spy cameras to know what they are doing in their absence and what they want to do when you are not around them. Just to keep an eye on their home. We will try our best to provide you with a complete list of best spy gadgets.

Spy Camera

First of all, there is a Spy Camera on our list. There are many types of spy cameras available now for spy purposes. Some of them are really good and also working very good some of them are also giving us a video of high quality.

Some spy camera is also given us 1080p video as well. We just need to attach some extra space with them for this purpose we just add some micro sd card with them according to our need. And we can record for an hour if we charge this small camera fully.

These spy cameras are one of the best high tech spy gadgets. They give you amazing video results and best picture quality. This spy camera is really small in size, So it’s really easy to hide it. Just add micro sd card before recording anything.

Spy Pen

There is a button on the upper side of that pen with that you can start recording. These spy pen you can just set these pen in your pocket. With this spy gadget, you can easily record video whenever you want. All you need to do just press the button.

The video quality of these spy pen camera is amazing you can make the 1080p and 720p video with a spy pen camera. Depend on one the pen. You can also make a high-quality picture with this camera. You just need to select the option first what you want to make video or photo with these spy gadgets.

Spy Camera Nano

There are many types of spy gadgets available in the market there are many types of spy gadgets that look like a nano camera. But with that Nano-Camera, you can record high-quality videos and take some amazing pics.

You just need to place that camera in a good place and record anything you want to record. You can easily keep an eye on everything when you are not around them. Now here are some of them that we are going to discuss. This camera is just like the toys of little children.

Camera Button

Cool Gadgets means some Amazing Gadgets. That you can’t imagine used for spy someone like Button Camera. A Small camera is also adjusted in a button of our coat or our shirt and we can adjust them with our tie as well.

So it’s not a big game now to hide a spy camera now and record what you really want to record without knowing the other person. Now there is a different type of wifi camera.

You can easily attach them with your cell phone and handle the recording with your cell phone easily. With that camera, you can also record videos of different resolutions like 720p 980p and 1080p according to your choice.

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Spy Voice Recorder

Let’s discuss some Best Voice Recorder here.  That make voice recording easy and simple for you. You just need to set that recorder in the best place where you can hear anything easily. Anyone can easily use these USB voice recorder like a keychain.

Auto voice detection will record any voice easily. You just need to press a button and the recording will start. Voice recorder comes with many shapes like voice recorder USB, voice recorder in golfball shape, voice recorder in key chains and many other types of the voice recorder.