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5 Technology Trends To Change Retail Industry In 2020

Retail Industry Technology is widely adopted by retail companies with the quite obvious purposes of overtaking less advanced competitors, gaining new customers, and eventually increasing revenues. Just like technology, retail remains a shifting landscape. In particular, the emphasis on digital transformation continues to reshape shopping, online experiences and even customer expectations of physical stores. The retailers who thrive in this environment are the ones who embrace technological change. Let’s take a closer look at 7 tech trends that will affect the retail sphere over the next few years.

Retail Industry


Trend #1: Augmented shopping

A report from Gartner indicates that 100 million consumers are expected to engage in a shopping experience that employs augmented reality. AR has been around a while, but the maturation of the technology—particularly on mobile platforms—has put AR systems in the hands of everyday retail customers.

A number of retailers are embracing the trend. Lacoste, American Apparel and Uniqlo have opened virtual showrooms and fitting rooms to allow customers to try products in virtual spaces. Zara has deployed smart mirrors that read RFID tags on clothes that have been pulled from racks to provide suggestions in a fashion closer to what consumers see from online stores rather than brick-and-mortar locations. Ikea is using an ARKit-based app to encourage customers to visualize what new furniture will look like in a room while moving their phone cameras around in real time.

71% of respondents in a report from 2016 stated they’d be more interested in shopping with a retailer that provided AR-based try-before-you-buy options. By making these experiences more engaging for customers, retailers can create a lure that’ll bring customers back into the brick-and-mortar setting.

Leveraging AR technology to provide visitors with enhanced indoor navigation experience is the next step to building brand loyalty. Wayfinding mobile apps help customers not to get lost and can even lead them to a certain product in a store. Augmented Reality-based indoor navigation is capable to remove shortcomings of beacon-based solutions and provide more accurate user positioning.

Trend #2: Personalized interactions with customers

The big technologies behind personalization are data science and machine learning, which allow retailers to anticipate customer needs before they know what they want themselves.

A McKinsey & Company report indicated that 36% of US companies confirmed having an edge carved out using analytics. Done right, these systems can provide rapid recommendations that speed the buying experience along.

Developing opt-in for data collection is a big part of this process. Rather than just hassling consumers to download an app that many of them will delete once they get the deal they want, incentives have to follow consumer wants and needs. This calls for developing robust shopping profiles, allowing machine learning methods to drill down through information about similar customers. Calls to action can then be tailored to specific users, such as Macy’s has done with its style preference system.

In-store options are catching up to online and app-based ones quickly. A major driver of this advancement is Bluetooth Low Energy and RFID, allowing low-power consumption solutions to be deployed throughout stores. FashionAI, a technology built by Alibaba Group, generates personalized mix-and-match apparel recommendations for shoppers as they move around stores. They can then quickly find items that will fit their tastes.

According to Amazon, 35% of its sales are driven by its recommendation engine. Using AI, these kinds of recommendation systems can be refined in cyberspace and deployed widely in real-world settings.

And of course, we shouldn’t forget about NLP-driven chatbots that get ever smarter and deliver personalized experiences. Even outside the retail sphere, chatbots are expected to be the biggest word in customer service, offering deals and recommendations, providing easy navigation and tracking orders.

Trend #3: Omnichannel retail to deliver seamless shopping experiences

The new age of omnichannel marketing means that customers expect a seamless experience across all channels. They see items on websites, visit stores, whip out their phones and start looking for help. They visit a store, see an item, save it to their phone, go home and want it delivered. They stay online, purchase and expect pickup in the store.

In other words, none of the channels are distinct or meaningful to them. Look at the role mobile-based visual search plays in customers making buying decisions. Pinterest Lens lets a user pull out their phone, snap a picture and find related pins on the platform in a matter of seconds. The platform has experienced 100% year-to-year growth, indicating interest in visual search is there when there’s an app that can do it well.

This also means that other seamless omnichannel interactions are open for use. People are happy to click online and collect items in the store. According to a report from the National Retail Federation, 89 million customers use a combination of online and in-store shopping over the post-Thanksgiving runup for the holiday shopping season. Especially enticing for retailers is the report that omnichannel users spent $93 more than average customers.

Tech innovation finds its way everywhere. For example, the concept of “buy online, pick up in-store” (BOPIS) may seem nothing new for the retail sphere. However, it is close to entering the mass market, with several top retailers having adopted and refined the approach. For example, Walmart, having installed pick-up towers to its stores, employed supporting innovations like driverless vehicles for customers.

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Trend #4: Staff-free and cashier-less stores

Freeing staff members up from menial and time-consuming tasks is an important part of re-imagining the retail landscape in the coming years. The tools that will allow this digital transformation include RFID tags, computer vision systems, machine learning, IoT devices and facial recognition.

One of the most promising concepts in this area is the cashier-less Amazon Go store chain. Despite being not completely staff-free, it still allows smartphone-wielding customers to shop quickly, without time-consuming lines and checkouts. Vendors in the merchant terminal industry are also getting onboard, with Mastercard showing off unmanned checkout technologies for use in convenience stores. Using smart shelves, sensors can be utilized to tie physical products to a customer’s virtual shopping cart. IoT-based systems can then identify when they and the items exit the store, at which point the sale is registered to their credit card.

In 2017, KFC experimented with face recognition software that was tied to predictive systems. The fast food choices of customers were remembered, and sales were sped up in the process.

Self-ordering kiosks are also a trend worth watching. CaliBurger introduced a system in 2018 that recognizes faces and streamlines the ordering process. Loyalty programs and rewards can also be constructed around these technologies, reducing the steps that go into swiping a card in order to get perks.

Trend #5: Voice-enabled shopping to reduce the sales cycle

Voice-based search has taken off in recent years, especially as a function on app-enabled smartphones and television sets. The logic is extremely straightforward. A person can speak 100 words a minute relatively easily, but they can only type half as many over the same time.

The boom in voice-activated systems has largely been driven by companies like Amazon and Google with their Alexa and Google Home products, respectively. A handful of competitors, especially Sonos and Apple, are also driving innovation. The ever evolving IoT technologies will also help smaller competitors to enter the market. According to a survey by NPR and Edison Research, 53 million Americans now have at least a single smart speaker system at home.

Integrating voice into any device is easy thanks to the advent of the Amazon Voice Service. You can expect to see many products that will bear the label “Alexa-enabled” in the near future. This idea found its way to the Internet of Things products like smart mirrors, which deliver varied content in an engaging manner.

There are three net effects that can be gained from voice-enabled retail shopping. The first is the speed and personalization that can be attained. Second, customer loyalty can be encouraged by making things like tracking packages as simple as uttering the question, “Where’s my package?” Third, voice-based systems can be excellent enabling technologies for products like AR/MR headsets, connected automobiles, and smart homes.

Societal adoption remains the strongest headwind against voice technologies. There are continuing security concerns, and access to systems is a worry, too. In particular, parental controls need to be dependable enough that families are happy to leave speakers sitting around their houses.

What is Digital Image Manipulation & Key Benefits

Digital Image This is the age where you just don’t see objects, you see stories. The photos that come across you are edited by professionals that convey a story. With the growth of image Manipulation Company in India, images have seen a massive transformation.

Digital Image

What is Digital Manipulation?    

Digital manipulation is a process that makes an image attractive and gives a completely new look to the image. Not just this, images are transformed and used on commercial platforms thus, resulting in profits. Digital manipulation is a way to create images along with adding creativity in them. In fact, you can’t actually differentiate if the picture looked something else before image manipulation.

People are easily attracted to pleasant looking images, isn’t it? The more appropriate an image looks, the better the result it gives to the business. The pictures are edited in such a way that makes people buy them later even if they can’t do at that time. Creative image manipulation service has changed the way images used to look.

Key Sectors Using Image Manipulation and its Benefits

Here are the key sectors that use image manipulation and what benefits it offers:

Advertisement Sector

As you know, the primary motive of image manipulation is to make them look better. And, the advertisement industry is the one where images need to look great. With the help of image manipulation, images are altered and used in such a way that they get a new look to the image. Sometimes, the images are manipulate in order to add drama and emotions to connect with people.

The advertisement is also helpful for commercial purpose including posters, banners, billboards, magazines, etc. This helps businesses improve their marketing of the product/service. Image manipulation company in India are assisting businesses to create images that look great.

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E-Commerce Sector  

Digital image manipulation service is extensively use in the e-commerce sector. This is one sector that displays images of products in order to sell them. Not just this, for online shopping platforms, it’s imperative that images give clear. This is when image manipulation comes to rescue. It works on the detailing of the images and improves its quality.

If customers are distracted by the background, shades, irrelevant objects, etc., there will be a low sale, which shouldn’t be the case for business. Thus, these issues can ruin the output of the website. Similarly, if the image is underexposed, overexposed or imperfect in its looks, manipulation is of great help. With creative image manipulation service, your images will get a

Where does it work?

Background Replacement

If you know, most product images look good with a white background. The reason is quite obvious – the product appears better with a white background and easily highlights the object.

Thus, image manipulation easily handles the background replacement task.

Digital images

Adding objects in an Image

Sometimes, the image needs to add on an object/person to the image. With image editing, adding a person/object becomes easy and gives an efficient output. For this, clipping path service enhance the images by adding or removing the object in images.

In fact, people change their images by adding the people who have missed out from the image. Image manipulation service is a good way to work on the overall appearance of the image.

Glamour Industry

The glamour industry is always in the need for high-quality images. They need images with great quality so that they can give the best representation of the products appropriately. There are several editing tools and techniques that help edit an ordinary image to turn ‘wow’.

What we get under digital makeup:

Beauty Retouch Services

Under beauty retouch services, we can do color correction, blemish removal, digital face-lift, face weight reduction, wrinkle removal, unwanted hair removal and more. The good thing is with beauty retouching, face and body part reconstruction is also possible.

Why You Need Image Manipulation? 

The need for good quality image manipulation is in every industry. With good quality images, brands are able to make good profits. This image editing process assists several industries including e-commerce, printing and many others. Along with the digital era, this manipulation is also use in the photography industry. Thus, creative image manipulation is doing great work all around.

How Crypto Market will Shock Investors in 2018

Crypto It would be not wrong to say that the market of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and ICO’s is mysterious, no one even experts can also not predict what will happen. It is only the market that has left people with assumptions and they use to wonder about crypto streets.


It has been noticed that the profit made in 2017 with $2 bln invested into the ICOs has left people in shocked and in a belief that it is a  quantum leap, but people can’t assure that 2017 development will be on 2018. We can expect that in 2018, there can be $20 billion to $25 billion invested in ICOs and it won’t cease there as the big cards start to fall into place as the big plot unrolls.

Trillion Dollar Market in 2018 :

So if the market cap of crypto erupts and passes  $500 million and start heading to $1 trillion only through traditional money, which is fixed and willing as well as able to attain, so can you imagine what will the result of cryptocurrencies  so there could be three situations they can get double, triple or more than that and it can happen in a night. On the other side, The crypto indexes will be restricted to only one direction of security tokenize assets as well as equities plus those that don’t, with app tokens that our products or services.

The only point which needs to be considered to maintain the uprise of the market price is to build the conditions which are favorable for the surge in the crypto prices. The work is already in progress to meet a new approach of ICO’s starts from the perspective of regulation as well as the compliance where it is capable to meet the needs of institutional investors, which will open the floodgates.

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It would be not wrong to say that the market of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and ICO’s is mysterious, no one even experts can also not predict what will happen. It is only the market that has left people with assumptions and they use to wonder about crypto streets.

It has been noticed that the profit made in 2017 with $2 bln invested into the ICOs has left people in shocked and in a belief that it is a  quantum leap, but people can’t assure that 2017 development will be on 2018. We can expect that in 2018, there can be $20 billion to $25 billion invested in ICOs and it won’t cease there as the big cards start to fall into place as the big plot unrolls.

Trillion Dollar Market in 2018 :

So if the market cap of crypto erupts and passes  $500 million and start heading to $1 trillion only through traditional money, which is fixed and willing as well as able to attain, so can you imagine what will the result of cryptocurrencies  so there could be three situations they can get double, triple or more than that and it can happen in a night. On the other side, The crypto indexes will be restricted to only one direction of security tokenize assets as well as equities plus those that don’t, with app tokens that our products or services.

The only point which needs to be considered to maintain the uprise of the market price is to build the conditions which are favorable for the surge in the crypto prices. The work is already in progress to meet a new approach of ICO’s starts from the perspective of regulation as well as the compliance where it is capable to meet the needs of institutional investors, which will open the floodgates.

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Points to Keep in Mind:

Now there could be a twist the countries which are supporting cryptos plus like Russia, Japan and the other sovereign nations they could have a problem as full Central-backed cryptocurrency that will be fungible against BTC and the leading cryptos.

Now investors can get an opportunity to a new range of Blockchain and crypto funds can offer to buy the market and decrease the underlying volatility.  crypto market actors attract investors to be a part of crypto, where even a small strip will give a boost to any portfolio’s performance. The shift may come soon even that much sooner than we haven’t expected it.

Points to Keep in Mind:

Now there could be a twist the countries which are supporting cryptos plus like Russia, Japan and the other sovereign nations they could have a problem as full Central-backed cryptocurrency that will be fungible against BTC and the leading cryptos.

Now investors can get an opportunity to a new range of Blockchain and crypto funds can offer to buy the market and decrease the underlying volatility.  crypto market actors attract investors to be a part of crypto, where even a small strip will give a boost to any portfolio’s performance. The shift may come soon even that much sooner than we haven’t expected it.

On-Demand Service Apps- How to Develop?

In today’s date, life is getting techie, with each passing day. With every new year, technological advancements are taking place at a rapid pace. It is good to know that you are experiencing latest trend in technology every day. With this fast moving life, you get to learn something new and it feels great to learn.

There is one thing which always remains with us in technological advancement, stylish smart-phones, and in that loaded wonderful apps; which makes our life very easy. We just can’t think of our life without our smart phones and beautiful apps which are very useful to use in various ways. Various  people who establish their own start ups believe that, “mobile apps are in great demand, so it is the best way to enhance business swiftly.

On-Demand Service

Next question which arises is, how to develop an app, whom to approach for getting the app created and many such questions. This article will help you creating your own app and enhancing your start up. What are on-demand service apps? At first, you must list down the features which your app will provide to the users and in what way they will make the life of your user simple. The wonderful function-rich apps can also become personal assistants to your users.

Various on-demand applications can be used in various areas:

Chat bot or Chatter bot:

A chatbot is an attractive User Interface which has the ability to be connected to various data sources through the APIs so that it can provide useful information or services on demand, like breaking news or weather forecasts.

Chatterbot is a kind of computer program. In chatterbot, when you provide it with certain inputs in the Natural Language (English, French, etc) it will respond with something meaningful in the same language. It implies that the strength of a chatterbot would be measured directly with the best quality of the output chosen by the Bot in response to the user. A basic chatterbot can be written only in less lines of coding in a given specific programming language.

Many of the big techie giants are helping the developers in developing chatbots on their platform. If rule-based approach is to be considered, the developer writes rules for the system, which is called hard coding, this is done by the developers by using best chatbot apps source code.

IOT-Best applications

Various examples of Internet of Things can be found right from healthcare to wearables or smart connected homes. IOT (Internet of Things) have become the most important part of our lives. IOT apps are making our life easier if comfort is concerned. Our life in daily routine is turning much simple by the wonderful functioning IOT apps.

IOT is developing with each passing day at a rapid pace. In today’s date, numerous apps developed by the home appliance manufacturers can be found on the Google Play or the Apple App Store. These awesome apps makes the life hassle-free by helping us to remotely control the products from refrigerators to light bulbs or various different industrial machines.

IOT application development is increasing at a rapid pace because there is good demand for the IOT apps by the users.

On-demand apps related to Food delivery:

This group contains various kinds of applications. By using these applications, the food can be delivered to any kind of place you desire. If you have the business of restaurant or any supermarket, then this new service can be a value addition to your successful running business.

Application for retail sector:

You can develop your new mobile app which will show you the nearby places for purchasing different clothes, cosmetics, shoes, car parts, etc. In this category, the user will open the application on the smart phone and choose a service from different options which are accessible to the users. The users will purchase certain products required and delivery man will deliver the product  to the user.

You also get the option to select complete city and choose any product for selling, for example- furniture. Users will be able to see different furniture stores with the catalogs, they can select their favourite model of the furniture and the delivery man will deliver the furniture to that address.

By the help of on-demand apps, you take your business to the next level- wonderful delivery options.

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Apps related to fitness:

Fitness apps are the best for the people who have amazing team of fitness trainers. By using the fitness app, you can request a personal trainer, you can get various varieties of training, and various other services.

Service apps for domestic services:

When you use different apps related to domestic services, it gets very easy for you to perform the tasks related to household routine. For example- washing of the dishes, making the living room neat, car washing. You can get these works done by just a single click on your smartphone by using on-demand domestic service app.

Health care related apps:

By making use of function-rich health care apps, you can take care of your health 24×7. Various feature-rich healthcare apps helps a patient interact with the doctor. Patient gets the wonderful opportunity by using these apps, for calling the doctor at home, get an advice from the doctor, and the user of the app can order required medicines by the use of this app.

On-demand apps for beauty:

Different function-rich apps are available in this category, which helps the user to make use of services of make-up or nail artist or a stylist, by just a click on their smartphone and sitting anywhere. The users just have to make a request in this app for making use of the service of these apps.


Hence, the kind of on-demand service apps play a significant role in making life of the people easy. The users can get various kinds of services by just a single click, by using the on-demand service apps on their smartphone. Are you looking forward to get your on-demand service app created?  We will help you in getting your app idea converted into wonderful reality. BR Softech is the leading web and mobile app development company, which is committed towards providing best in class IT related services to the clients around the globe.

5 eCommerce Responsive Web Design Trends in 2016

When it comes to designing, people come up with their creative side out. They love to follow their own designing skills and styles.

Responsive Web Design

When it is your flourishing eCommerce business, then your eCommerce website also needs to be mesmerizing in looks. People have their own creative and successful way plus distinct style of each eCommerce website, but you must keep in mind the ongoing trends of the same for heightening your business. You also need to keep in mind about what your valued customers desire to see in your business website.

Top favored eCommerce web design trends in 2016:

Responsive Design:

In today’s date, it is the highly desirable feature for any online eCommerce store. Responsive design is the ongoing trend these days. Your attractive website must not only run smoothly over all the leading mobile platforms, but it must also run smoothly in all the functions on any kind of device, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile handset or any such electronic devices. The reason is, browsing and shopping on high-resolution devices like Tvs is trending these days. Therefore, your incredible website design must have multi-device support.

Material Design:

Material design is an amazing designing language which is developed by Google. This design style has become admired in today’s date. Material design is making use of the responsive animations and the transitions, grid-based layouts. Material design is all set to spread its wings around Google’s array of web and mobile products , and it provides awesome experience across all the leading mobile platforms an the applications.

As of now, the top-rated Google’s mobile applications for the Android have started to apply this material design language, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Inbox. This designing language play as a game-changer for the eCommerce feature-rich and function-rich websites. Material design style has the stunning feature like shadow effects and concepts of movement which helps the designers to create attractive interfaces which gives best experience to the end users.

Flat Design:

Though new designing star-Material design have become a popular trend for developing excellent mobile apps at the present time, but flat design continues to be admired and more refined for meeting the needs and requirements of the present-day users. Just like material design, flat design also helps the designers for creating mesmerizing user interfaces which gives best experience to the users.

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Large Backgrounds:

The incredible trend these days is of larger videos and the pictures in latest eCommerce websites design. As of now, just a few online stores have applied this trend. This designing helps the leading brands in telling their success stories and it is a sure-shot to attract the customers for some amazing products or services. The ongoing trend is personalized backgrounds for every valued customer according to their requirements.

Motion Animation:

It is the brand-new and advanced trend in the eCommerce website designing industry. The attractive way of product demonstration by making use of motion animation allows your customers different combination of emotions and thrilling shopping experience. This design trend goes best for the industries in which various kinds of purchases are emotional (like Fashion, jewelry, gift shops, etc)


Are you looking forward to get your wonderful eCommerce website created. Hire dedicated eCommerce web developers of BR Softech who have expertise in developing top-notch eCommerce web solutions for the clients as per their requirements.

BR Softech is the renowned responsive web design company which is committed towards development of feature-rich web and mobile apps for different companies around the globe.

5 Affordable Gadget Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Love

Gadget Gifts Father’s Day is just around the corner! If you’ve forgotten (16 June, Sunday) or are scrambling for a last-minute gift, here are some gift ideas to show your appreciation to daddy dearest.



1. Fitbit Charge 2
The Fitbit Charge 2 is an excellent way for your dad to get a better sense of his fitness level and how to improve it, providing a personalized Cardio Fitness Score. Not only can it track heart rate during workouts, but he’ll also be able to track all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. For workdays or lazier weekends, he can also get reminders to move. On top of that, he’ll receive phone calls, texts and calendar notifications straight to his wrist. He can even set the Fitbit to wake him up with a silent vibrating alarm if he wears it through the night. Gift your dad a Fitbit, and no one ever has to mention the dad bod.

2. Apple AirPods
If your dad already has a FitBit, AirPods are the perfect accompaniment. Even if he doesn’t, these comfy earbuds are the way to go! Listening to music wirelessly has become the way to go since Apple unveiled them. With the ability to connect with any Bluetooth device, it has the battery life to last 5 hours and a quick 15-minute charge allows up to 3 hours of listening time. Instead of fumbling with a sweaty smartphone during a workout, audio on the AirPods starts when they’re being worn and pauses when they’re not. How wonderful is that?

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3. Kindle Paperwhite
If your dad is too busy to hit the library, the Kindle Paperwhite is without a doubt the best way to read. The device features a display with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, plus its glare-free paper reads like real paper. On top of that, the Paperwhite features 8GB of storage, enough to store all the books you could want from Amazon’s 2 million+ strong library of e-books. Compacted into a sleek A5 device, he’ll have a library of his own to bring everywhere. No more excuses about having no time to read!

4. Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone
Your dad ever get bored in the neighborhood? Same old sights and sounds every day…If moving is not on the table, let him see the neighborhood through the eyes of a bird. The high-quality 120° 720P camera on this bird captures perspectives to move the most stoic soul. The RC quadcopter can suspend in mid-air even with your hands off the joystick. The drone and camera can be controlled from a smartphone app. As the orientation of the drone is in relation to the pilot, this drone is easier to control and fly back when out of sight, making an easy, stable first flying experience for your dad. He might even venture into photography or video-making while he’s at it. Hands-down the coolest gift so far. (pun totally intended)

5. igloohome Smart Padlock
What good are drones when you’re locked inside your own house? If you’re looking for something functional for your dad, a smart lock is essential for every man to secure bicycles, gym lockers, luggage, the shed, cupboards for important documents and assets – you name it. No more fiddling with small digits or fussy dials: unlocking can be done with a tap on the igloohome mobile app. Who needs to remember keys or codes to unlock a bike in 2019? If no one’s home for an important delivery, your dad can grant the deliveryman access to the delivery box remotely from his mobile phone simply by sending a time-sensitive PIN code – while giving your family the permanent PIN code, of course. He can also grant recurring access to the cleaner every Friday morning. The app even tracks the dates and times of access in case of suspicious activity. You’ll never have to rush home to collect your dad’s package again.

Top 5 UAE Influencers Taking Social Media by Storm

More than half the population of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) uses social media. It’s no secret that you can’t have a successful marketing campaign without leveraging social media platforms. What’s more, social media influencers have revolutionized marketing.

Social Media

Typically, social media influencers capitalize on authentic and well-reached posts to ensure there’s a buzz around a brand. Considering they already have a large following on multiple social media platforms that continuously engage with their content, this is easy. Below is a list of top UAE influencers that are taking the online scene by storm.
Huda Kattan

With over 49 million followers and subscribers across her social media platforms, Huda is among the most well-known social media influencer in the Middle East. With a focus on beauty and makeup, this social media guru is famous for her Dubai-based cosmetics brand Huda Beauty. Her posts cover anything from skincare routines to the best products for on fleek cat eyes and sometimes more in-depth topics such as self-love.

Joelle Mardinian
Joelle Mardinian is a jack of all trades when it comes to career paths from reality TV star, to entrepreneur, to make up artist and last but not least a social media influencer. She is a Lebanese TV host based in Dubai, with over 11 million followers on Instagram and over 150000 subscribers on YouTube. To her millions of fans, Joelle is known for makeup tutorials, beauty advice, and as the founder of the Joelle Group beauty empire and an inspiration to thousands of Emirati women.

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Taim Alfalasi

ered one of the most influential Instagrammers in UAE, Taim Alfalasi is famous for her travel, lifestyle and food blogs. With a communications degree from Zayed University, this sensational influencer has her own online radio talk show that is widely popular in the Arab world. This restaurateur and Influencer is well known in the Middle East and frequently shares posts promoting travel destinations, gourmet food restaurants, and clothing items to her over 2.5 million followers and subscribers.

Abdulaziz Baz

Baz, also known as Bin Baz, is a famous influencer known for his hilarious videos and images that portray life in the UAE. With over 4.5 million followers, Baz is well-known and loved for his joker and prankster roles. His friendly and funny nature has earned him high-end profile sponsorships with automotive, tech, and perfume companies.


Mohamed Beiraghdary, best known as MoVlogs, is famous for his vlogs on lifestyle and luxury cars. This Dubai-based Iranian social media influencer is known for his car videos that provide a glimpse of the wealthy lifestyle. With over 2 million followers on Instagram and over 8 million subscribers on YouTube, he has a solid social media presence. In fact, he is one of the most viewed independent vloggers in the UAE with a whopping 980 million overall views on his videos. This king of vlogging attributes his social media success to his YoYo squad which comprises mostly of automotive enthusiasts.

This is a wrap of our list of the top UAE social media superstars worth giving a follow. Alongside influencers, a social media company in Dubai can help you ignite a buzz around your brand or business. Leveraging social media in your overall marketing mix will promote your marketing efforts and drive sales. However, it’s important to find influencers that have already built credibility and authenticity in the same niche as your brand or product to ensure your marketing and advertising efforts are effective.

15 Cool gadgets we love so far in 2019

Always on the hunt for the latest gear, gadgets, and innovation isn’t always easy. Lucky for you, keeping up with tech trends is what we do best. Check out these 30 cool gadgets that we just can’t get enough of.

  • What are some of the other cool entries in tech this year? You can find more tech gadgets other than the ones listed below here.

If you’re a fan of technology, you understand the ever-changing landscape of the industry. What’s hot one year is all but obsolete the next. Even without fads (fidget spinners, anyone?), technology is itself, by design, forever evolving.

Of course, if you follow along with Gadget Flow, you’re always finding the latest gadgets and gear. Check out these 30 cool gadgets that we just love so far in 2019.

WaterRower CITYROW GO Indoor Rowing Machine

Cool Gadget

Suitable for all levels, this at-home exercise device streams data to the dedicated app in real time. The CITYROW GO Machine offers a beautiful design complete with an innovative Bluetooth LCD monitor. Additionally, it uses WaterRower’s unique WaterFlywheel to simulate the experience of rowing on real water. The indoor rowing machine also comes with a removable bracket, allowing you to put your device right where you want it.

GE C Color Changing Smart Bulbs

Featuring a hubless design, this device uses Bluetooth, enabling you to control it straight from your smartphone. It’s compatible with Google Home, so you can also control the C by GE bulb remotely by using Google Assistant. Thanks to its app and voice control options, the bulb can be controlled away from home or using your voice.

LG Z9 8K 88-inch OLED TV

Complete with 8K resolution, this television has four times the resolution of existing 4K TVs. Likewise, the 8K 88-inch OLED TV offers eight times the resolution of any full HD set that is currently in stores. Complete with the a9 Generation 2 AI platform, it improves sound and picture quality of lesser-quality content and upscales it to 8K. In addition, the TV processor can optimize screen brightness and adjust a tone mapping curve accordingly.

Petcube Bites Treat Flinging Pet Camera

Armed with an exceptional 138° wide-angle camera, this smart device does so much more than show cute moments of your dog or cat. Pairing with an app, Petcube Bites actually flings treats throughout the room for a little extra exercise. It holds up to 100 treats, and the container itself is dishwasher friendly. Using the app or even speaking to Alexa, Petcube Bites will dole out treats as often as you want.

Lumen Metabolism Tracking Device

Connecting to an app, this clever device takes all the guesswork out of your nutrition. Lumen works by analyzing your breath. With a single breath, Lumen can tell if you’re burning carbs or fat. In addition, the app prompts you to continue your progress. It’ll give you tips such as doing a boot camp workout, adding some extra sleep into your day, and more.

Unravel Portable Fast Wireless Charging Station

The patent-pending design features a versatile hinge that allows you to configure Unravelin three convenient positions. Lay it flat and use the three 10W wireless charging pads to quickly charge multiple Qi-enabled devices at once. Put it into the triangle stand position, which is optimized for FaceTime or video playback, while you charge. Fold it up to save space and charge one device OR easily pack it up in a neat portable stack and fit it into the Unravel travel case.

DJI Smart Drone Controller

This device comes with a 5.5-inch 1080p screen that displays incredibly bright and clear images in any condition. In fact, you can even view your live feed in direct sunlight. Compatible with the DJI Mavic 2 and other drone aircraft, the Smart Controller’s intuitive controls make handling a breeze. Additionally, the controller automatically switches between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz thanks to OcuSync 2.0 Full-HD video transmission technology.

Groove X Lovot Companion Robot Pet

Packed with advanced technology such as Emotional Robotics, this home bot triggers your instinct to love. Available as a set of two units, Lovot asks for attention, gets in your way, and even shies away from strangers. With its incredibly adorable demeanor, Lovot encourages its owners to feel a sense of contentment and relief, resulting in more positive feelings. Likewise, touching or hugging Lovot allows you to experience feelings of love and joy.

LG Rollable OLED TV

Yes, you can actually fold this TV and roll it up just like a newspaper. But that’s not all. The TV also comes with UHD (4K) resolution. The idea is to make TV transportable, but, as of now, it’s more of a sci-fi concept. Imagine tucking your TV into a box and carrying it around with you wherever you go. This LG Rollable OLED TV does exactly the same thing in a whole new way. So you get to move around with your TV from room to room, and it gives you access to Amazon Alexa.

Ring Door View Cam

Despite looking like a smart doorbell, this device is designed to actually replace the peep hole on your door. As a result, it captures a better view of who’s standing outside, unlike the position of a typical doorbell. Coming in two pieces, the battery portion of the Door View Cam is actually on the inside of your door, while the camera is on the outside. As a result, it’s a totally wireless design, so it doesn’t impede the style of your door.

Marshall Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This compact device offers over 20 hours of playtime on a single charge, allowing you to take your music wherever you like. Simply connect to Kilburn II via Bluetooth to enjoy music without any messy wires or cables. Offering multidirectional sound, Kilburn II makes it possible to immerse yourself in your music, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Designed for portability, the speaker is extremely durable and rugged.

LIFE CLOCK Disaster Preparation Clock Kit

This all-in-one set comes with everything you need in case of an emergency. LIFE CLOCKincludes five basic relief goods, a disaster and safety manual, and an In-Case of Emergency card. The five goods include an emergency chemical light, an emergency rescue whistle, an emergency blanket, an emergency compressed bandage, and an SOS emergency flag.

Tonal Intelligent Fitness System

This personalized gadget offers interactive video exercises that are driven by machine learning. Tonal combines a whole gym and personal trainer into one system, allowing you to use it in your own home whenever you want. The compact system mounts to your wall, making it possible to work out without requiring a lot of space. Additionally, Tonal uses innovative digital weights instead of gravity or metal plates, providing accurate and smooth lifting exercise.

Everdure Fusion Charcoal Electric Ignition Barbeque

Designed to simplify charcoal cooking, this device achieves that authentic charcoal taste with a lot less effort. Featuring a Fast Flame Ignition System, Fusion uses an electric element to help the charcoal burn at the ideal temperature. Likewise, it achieves the right temperature in just ten minutes. Featuring patented Rotiscope Technology, Fusion makes it easy to set up a commercial-quality rotisserie in no time.

Audio Pro Drumfire Wireless Multiroom Speaker System

Delivering bold sound with crisp details, this device allows you to truly feel every part of your music. Likewise, Drumfire makes your music come to life at both quiet and loud levels. You can also group two Drumfire speakers in a left/right setup to create your very own concert at home. Or place a speaker in each room and play one or all of them at once.

How To File GSTR-3B On GST Portal?

GSTR-3B is a return that has to file by every registered taxpayer. Every taxpayer needs to file this GSTR-3B until June 2019. GST Portal provides the facility of filing GSTR-3B. However, you may face some problems while filing GSTR-3B on GST Portal:


  • Values cannot be copy-pasted.
  • This may increase the chances of errors due to manual intervention
  • GST liability is determined after the filing of GSTR-3B

Steps: How To File GSTR-3B On GST Portal?

Step 1 – Open GST Portal and login into it.

Step 2 – Then manoeuvre to Services > Returns > Returns Dashboard. Click on Return Dashboard

Step 3 – After clicking on Return Dashboard it will show File Returns page. On that page from the pull-down list select the Financial Year & Return Filing Period for which you want to file the GST Return. Then Click on the SEARCH button.

Step 4 – After hitting the search you will be able to see different tiles. Further, click the PREPARE ONLINE button on GSTR-3B’ tile.

Step 5 – Furnish values in different columns. Moreover, you have to furnish Interest and Late Fees, if any.

Step 6 – After furnishing all the details, click on the SAVE GSTR-3B button at the. You will receive an on top of the page showing GSTR-3B details saved successfully.

Step 7 – After saving all the details, the SUBMIT button will enable. Once you are sure about the details furnished click on the SUBMIT button to submit the GSTR-3B return.

Note: Once you submit the form you would not be able to make any changes in GSTR-3B. Moreover, you will get a message showing Submit request has been posted successfully. And the GSRT- 3B status will be changed to Submitted.

Step 8 – Once the GSTR-3B is successfully submitted, Payment of Tax option will be enabled.

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You need to follow the following steps to pay the tax and offset the liability:

  • Click on the Payment of Tax option.
  • Tax liabilities will reflect in in the Tax payable section of this option. Credits will reflect in the credit ledger and can be seen on the specific headings in the payment section.
  • To see the cash and credit balance click on the CHECK BALANCE button. This helps the taxpayer to verify the balances before making the payment and off-setting your liability.
  • After checking the balance you need to click on the Ok button.
  • To set-off the liability you need to provide the credit amount that can be utilized from the available credit.
  • At the time of providing input to ensure that the utilization principles for credit are followed or else you would not be able to offset the liability.
  • Afterwards, click on the OFFSET LIABILITY to clear-off the liabilities. Once it is successful you will get a message then click ‘OK’ button.

Step 9 – Afterwards check the declaration box and choose Authorised Signatory from the drop-down list. After that, you need to choose FILE GSTR-3B WITH DSC/FILE GSTR-3B WITH EVC button.

Step 10 – Once you are done with all the procedure click on the proceed button.

You will get a message showing the filing successfully.

After this GSTR-3B status will now change to Filed. Further, you can choose the View GSTR-3B to view it.

How To Rectify Mistakes In GSTR-3B After Filing?

At the time of filing GSTR-3B, you may face different errors that can be reconciled or rectified in the following manner

Under-Reporting Of Liability

  • After payment of interest in subsequent month(s) return, there can be chances that liability is added.
  • The liability can be declared in the subsequent month’s quarter/monthly GSTR-1 in which payment was made if such liability was not reported in the particular month/quarter GSTR-1.

Over-Reporting Of Liability

  • Liability can be adjusted subsequent month(s) refund or when the adjustment is not feasible then a refund can also be claimed.
  • If such liability was over-reported in the month’s/quarter’s GSTR-1, then such liability can be rectified by making amendments under Table 9 of GSTR-1

Incorrect Reporting Of Liability And Finding It After Filing The Return

  • Unreported liability can be merged in next month’s return with interest if any.
  • Wrongly reported liability can be accommodated in the subsequent month(s) return or in case if it cannot be accommodated then a refund can be claimed.

Under-Reporting Of Input Tax Credit (ITC)

  • Input Tax Credit (ITC) which was not reported but availed at the time of filing subsequent month(s) Return.
  • Then in such a case, no action is needed to be taken in GSTR-1.

Over-Reporting Of Input Tax Credit (ITC)

  • In a case, if the Input Tax Credit is overly reported then such over reported ITC can be paid back through cash or Reserves in subsequent month(s) return. This shall be noted that the payment will also include interest.
  • In such a case, no action is required to be taken in GSTR-1.

Incorrect Reporting Of Input Tax Credit (ITC)

  • In a case, if you have reported Input Tax Credit (ITC) incorrectly then you can make such amendment by paying through cash or Reserves in subsequent month(s) return.
  • And If the Input Tax Credit (ITC) is under reported then the same can be claimed in subsequent month(s) return.
  • In such a case, no action is required to be taken in GSTR-1.

Tips And Tricks To Improve Your VPN Speed

If your VPN has become slower than usual, you may be able to improve its performance by trying the following proven tips and techniques.


Check Your Internet Speed

First of all, you should check your internet speed without a VPN. If it’s slower than usual, it means your VPN isn’t actually the problem.  If you don’t know how to check your internet speed, click here or here to do it right now.

Play Around With Your VPN Internet Protocol Settings

Most of the best VPN services enable you to adjust protocol settings.  Alternate between UDP and TCP protocols to see if it makes any difference.

Restart Your Modem Or Router

Restarting the router or the modem is one of the unexpectedly effective solutions for troubleshooting internet speed issues. It there are memory leaks, the router may slow down. If the combination router plus VPN is too slow, try to use your VPN only with your computer or phone. Sometimes, the Virtual Private Network setup on router is slower than the direct connection between the VPN and your device.

Change The Location Of Your Server

If the geographical location of your server is far away from your actual location, your internet speed may suffer. You should try to find a closer server to connect to, as this may lead to an increase of your VPN speed.For instance, while being located somewhere in Europe, I managed to boost mu VPN speed from 5 Mbps to 16 Mbps only by switching from my US server to a Germany one. You can try various options, in order to see which one works best for you. Here is how to change that location.

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Modify Your Encryption Level

If you aren’t using a VPN for to security reasons, you may try to speed it up by changing its actual encryption. Accessing various streaming service doesn’t require a high level of privacy, so you could try to switch to L2TP/IPSec instead of IKEv2/IPsec or OpenVPN, in order to see if this improves your internet speed.

Try Your Device With A Wired Connection

Wireless connections used shared channels to transmit data, being therefore slower than wired ones. You should switch to a wired connection to see if it increases your internet speed. Turn Off Your Firewall And All Other Security Apps

Restart All Your Devices

Old computers may slow down sometimes, so you should try to restart it. You may be able to increase your VPN speed, so that you can enjoy your online activities. These tips can help you increase the speed of your VPN connection to the internet, so you should start by trying them before taking any other measures.

Choose the Right VPN – NordVPN vs PureVPN

To increase the VPN speed, you should always use top notch VPN provider. NordVPN and PureVPN are sticking out of the market when it comes to VPN speed. To find out which one is the better VPN take a look at the comparison NordVPN vs Pure VPN Nord VPN is probably the most famous VPN out there it comes with 5000+ servers in 62 countries. You can connect up to 6 devices and dedicated IPs are also available. The software is clean and easy to use.

PureVPN is a not so well-known VPN it comes with 2000+ servers in over 140 countries. With this VPN you are allowed to connect up 5 devices a specialty of PureVPN is that you can use port forwarding which can help you to increase the VPN speed when it comes to torrenting. Both VPNs are worth considering when you want good download and upload speed. Both firewalls and antivirus software can slow down the VPN, because they filter through outgoing information.

You can temporarily disable these security tools, in order to detect whether they are the cause of your sluggish internet connection. However, we do recommend that you keep them enabled at any given time.