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Keys to Proper Web Design for Inbound

Inbound Whether you’re ready for a new website or starting from scratch, an effective website can have massive implications on the success of your business. Pairing an inbound marketing strategy with a website optimized for inbound offers even greater benefits and can help generate more traffic and quality leads.


And, fortunately many of the same principles of an inbound marketing strategy can be applied to web design as well. A website optimized for inbound is one that is centered around providing value to a small group of narrowly defined personas and includes these key elements:


The more, the better is certainly not a concept to apply to inbound websites. Not only is the amount of content overwhelming to a visitor, but it can look tacky. When a visitor isn’t guided where to click, they typically leave the website.  Next time you’re browsing the web, be conscious of how quickly you leave a website and your reasoning behind it.

Usually, we leave websites because we don’t find the information we’re looking for and this is often because the site is cluttered or confusing.


Colors should contrast well and fonts should be legible and not too small.  A good rule of thumb when designing a new website is to question the purpose of each new element. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, is it necessary to the design?

A website doesn’t need to be static. In fact, an inbound website includes incorporating dynamic personalization details into your site. If you’ve ever encountered a “recently viewed items” banner on a website, this is an example of personalization, but there are countless other ways to use personalization.

This concept uses behavioral and demographic info to create dynamic and customized content for that particular viewer. In most cases, a visitor is not aware they are seeing personalized content because it’s implemented on the back-end of a website and should flow with the visitor’s natural browsing course. Not only does personalizing content save time as the designer doesn’t need to make drastic web changes frequently, but also keeps visitors on your site for a longer period of time and drives conversions.

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Clear Calls-to-Action

A website optimized for inbound will have distinctive CTAs.

CTAs should have concise yet engaging text and also include eye-appealing imagery and colors. Placing them high up on the page so the user doesn’t need to scroll down to find the content will help engage visitors. Below is an example of a call-to-action that demonstrates these qualities and would follow best practices on an inbound-optimized website.


Like any component of an inbound marketing strategy, each page on a website should have a goal. Whether it’s to generate leads, increase blog subscribers, or get more social shares, each page should be designed to meet that goal. Ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish with each page before going live, and implement the components or strategy required, which this blog post should help you identify.


In today’s mobile-obsessed world, you’re well aware of the need to optimize your website for mobile devices. However, having a mobile-only version is not only a dying trend in web design, but also a no-no in inbound as well.

A responsive website decreases bounce rates as this platform makes visitors happy. They can easily navigate to the content they’re looking for. Google also favors responsive websites and can help boost your search results. Double win!


Using a platform that allows you to quickly see statistics and metrics is key, but being able to make changes based on those finding is even more helpful.

Ideally, using one platform to track the specific metrics relevant to your company and adapt your website accordingly (like creating an A/B test of a landing page, or creating a smart CTA) is an efficient, inbound-friendly approach.

Key metrics you should be keeping a pulse on include traffic and referral traffic from social media and email marketing. Your bounce rate will also give you an indication of the quality of the content and design of your website. If users are visiting and quickly leaving, these inbound web design tips are even more crucial to implement.

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Inbound’s underlying principle is based on generating quality leads by offering valuable content to prospects. An inbound-optimized website should be built around these content offers by using calls-to-action directing people to a landing page, followed by a thank you page with a secondary offer. This sequence is called a conversion path and should be factored into your web design, for inbound best practices.

Content that isn’t gated should also be optimized for inbound by including targeted keywords relevant to the personas. Rather than asking the traditional marketing question ’what’s in it for me?” trying asking “what’s in it for them?” As noted earlier, your web copy should be simple and only include what’s necessary. Babbling on about details that aren’t relevant to the persona will lose your audience.

Bonus: A Content Optimization System

Using a content optimization system (COS) that integrates with your inbound marketing efforts is key. HubSpot’s COS allows you to design a website using the components mentioned above, but also allows you to customize content based on who’s viewing the website, suggests intuitive keywords to boost search engine rankings, and a million other reasons that make HubSpot an amazing marketing and website platform.

When marketers think of “web design” they often only think of the visual layout of a website. However, a website is made up of so many different components, both visible to visitors and back-end developing. Implementing these web design best practices can help you ride the inbound marketing wave, generating more traffic and leads.

5 Best Dual Mon­i­tor Stands for Gaming

Stands Widescreen gaming or gaming in a multi-monitor rig delivers one of the coolest experiences. Throw in a screen with high refresh-rates, an able processor and graphics card to the mix, and you are all set to sail into the weekend with cool games. But this experience can get even better if adjust a pair of cool monitor arms for your dual monitor setup.


Dual monitor arms or stands not only let you spruce up the look of your gaming table but also makes you setup more efficient when it comes to space utilization. You can utilize that space to store your gaming accessories.

So, if you are in the market looking for dual monitor stands for your gaming/video edition/productivity rig, here are the best ones. But before we get down to it, let’s look at the features you need to check before you press the buy button.

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  • A monitor arm should give you the freedom to tilt, rotate, and pan the monitors as per your preference.
  • Does the monitor support VESA mounts? Or does it let you slide the monitor inside? More importantly, will your monitor support the said stands?
  • It is easy to set it up alone.
  • Cable Management is a vital part of any desk restructuring. After all, you won’t like to have all the power cables and HDMI cables (check monitors with dual HDMI ports) lying on your desk, right? Some monitor arms come with clips to hold the cables and wires, while others come with holes that let you slide the said cables through them.
  • More importantly, can the stand accommodate the width of both the monitors? And if your monitors are heavy, it goes without saying that the stands should be strong enough to hold them.


It comes with detachable VESA mounting plates for easy setup. On top of that, both the arms come with six joints each. That lets you tweak and adjust the screen as per your preference. And the bottom of the desk clamps to the edge of the desk.

When it comes to user reviews, this has been touted to be a heavy-duty stand that can take the weight of most monitors. Plus, the solid metal clamp makes sure that it stays glued to the table edge, even when you move the monitors frequently.

This Vivo stand is easy to assemble by following the instructions in the manual. As far as wire management is concerned, it ships with 4-cable clips to hold the power cables in place. The only issue with this arrangement is that you have to untie the clips each time you choose to make a massive change in the monitor’s alignment.

Overall, it’s a great affordable frills-free solution.


This Wali variant has a free-standing base and doesn’t attach to the edge of the table, meaning you can have your gaming table adjacent to walls — something which isn’t otherwise possible.

Keep in mind that the stand tends to get a bit wobbly if the displays are exceptionally heavy. That said, each arm can hold weight up to 22lbs. Thankfully, you can anchor the stand by drilling a hole in the desk and attaching the stand to it.

Users’ reviews have been great for these stands with rating of whopping 4.4-stars out of 5 on Amazon. Users seem to love its easy installation process and the solid build of the product. The WALI Fully Adjustable Gas Spring Stand is another cool alternative if you fear that the above stand might topple over due to the weight of your monitors.


This stand can hold monitors that are 17-inch to 32-inch wide and weigh up to 17.6 lbs per arm. Like its counterparts above, it is compatible with VESA 75×75 and 100x100mm mounting holes.

This stand has a solid build since it is made from aluminum. That’s something which has been repeated on the user reviews multiple times. The arms do not wobble even when you move the screens a lot. The stand comes with a clamp mount that is ideal for desks with a 0.4-inch to 3.35-inch thickness.

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It works with most VESA-compatible monitors and attaches to the edge of desks and tables via a Clamp mount. And unlike its competitors above, the VESA attachment gently slides into the slot at the end of each arm. Yep, you read that right. That means if you ever have to unmount your screen for any reason, you simply have to lift it off — No more hassle of unscrewing and re-screwing.

Quite naturally, a premium look comes with premium pricing. The Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm is priced just above $150 and is available in two colors.


This one also supports the weight and width of the common monitors. Plus, There’s plenty of space to spread out the arms. And if you are looking for a more permanent solution, the spring tension can be tightened depending on the weight of your monitor.

Assembly is easy and uncomplicated as long as you follow the instructions on the manual. Some users claim that the setup is so easy that you barely need to open the instruction manual.

As far as the build is concerned, this AmazonBasic mount feels sturdy and has a quality build. Out of the 1,800 users reviews so far, this mount has managed to rake in 63% positive reviews, with users loving it for its build, durability, and sturdiness.


With a flawless multi-monitor setup, which is easy to adjust and tweak, you’ll be able to do things — be it gliding through game menus or adjusting your field of view.

With these stands, you can adjust the tension as per the weight of the monitor. Plus, you do not have cables lying around your desk. All you need to have are two VESA-compatible monitors, and you are ready to indulge in adrenaline-rushing games.

6 Best Gam­ing Key­boards under Rs 3000 in India

Best Selecting and buying gaming peripherals is by no means an easy task. You have to look into several things like feedback, lighting, and the overall performance, and the same is true for picking up the best gaming keyboard as well. From lighting zones to the feedback and the number of extra keys, you have to check plenty of things.


Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the best entry-level gaming keyboards that you can buy in India. In this post, we have mentioned various features, such as the types of keys, the number of programmable keys, or if the lighting is customizable as per your preference. All these keyboards cost below Rs 3,000.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.


At the same time, the feedback of the membrane keyboard is great for the casual gamer in you. In fact, as per user reviews, it’s comfortable to use it for long sessions. And the adjustable-height is the cherry on top.

The primary feature of this keyboard is that the Windows key can be locked so that there are no annoying pop-ups mid-game. Apart from that, the LED lights can be very changed very conveniently. All you need to do is press on the Scroll Lock key, and that’s about it.

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As you may have guessed, the lighting can be toggled via the Pause/Break key, and the brightness can be easily adjusted via the Page Up and Page Down keys. The lighting is not too bright and is pleasant to the eyes.

Again, it’s not a full mechanical keyboard, but the good thing is that the keys can be changed when the need arises. Furthermore, the USB port of the wire comes with a neat cap that you can keep closed when the keyboard is not in use.

Overall, it’s a good keyboard and is comfortable to use at the same time. The keys do not get stuck to each other. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a budget gaming keyboard, the Night Hawk Nk101 is a good gaming accessory for you to invest in.


Priced at almost double the prices of the above keyboards, the Corsair K55 enhances the gaming experience. Furthermore, the keys aren’t noisy, and the feedback is also quite decent.

Furthermore, it works with the iCue software, thus letting you control the lights. At the same time, you can cycle through three brightness settings (along with a dozen of pre-configured lighting modes), and except for the media keys, almost every single key lights up.

Last but not least, you also get a detachable palm rest along with a Windows-lock key. Cool, right?


Plus, the short key distance ensures that your gaming is spot-on. The product is sturdy and durable, and Redgear claims that it can last up to 70 million keystrokes.

The only downside to this keyboard is that the keys do not have individual LEDs underneath them. So, you won’t be able to convert the keyboard’s lighting into a single color. On the upside, you get to toggle between different modes like Breathing and Gaming, among others.

Also, the Redgear MK881 keyboard doesn’t come with a palm rest.

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It comes with RGB color lighting that lets you personalize up to 5 lighting zones. And that’s not all. It’s also one of those rare keyboards that offer full key-by-key lighting features. Cool, I’d say.

Even though it’s a membrane keyboard, the keys perform their best in delivering the output sought by both casual gamers and hard-core gamers. Plus, if you want to dabble with macros or programmable keys, you can mess around keys from F1 to F12. Last but not least, you get the comfort of a palm rest for long and tedious gaming sessions.


When it comes to lighting, there are six lighting effects from which you can choose from. Plus, you get to play around with three brightness levels.

The best thing about the HyperX Alloy Core RGB Keyboard is that there are dedicated switches for the lighting controls. These are built at top of the keyboard. So you do not have to mess around with the Alt key or the Fn key. Apart from that, the volume controls are tucked away at the right corner of the keyboard. Overall, this keyboard balances looks, functionality, and looks brilliantly. If you have the budget for this keyboard, I’d say you should go for it.


So these were some of the best gaming keyboards in India under Rs 3,000. While the ones priced below Rs 1,500 can be termed as basic. Thankfully, the features increase as you move higher up the price ladder.

5 Android FHD and 4K Smart TVs in India

Smart When it comes to 4K TVs or Full HD TVs, it’s safe to say they provide one of the best cinematic experience. These high-end TVs bring near accurate color reproduction and equally immersive sound experience as well as smart features. So everyone gets the best of most worlds, if not all. Of course, you will have to tweak the settings as per your liking.

If you’re in the market for Full HD and 4K Smart LED TVs, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best TVs in India.


Moreover, this 32-inch TV boasts of HDR and carries a refresh rate of 50Hz. Since this Sony TV model is not Android-based, it doesn’t have a Play Store. Instead, it’s based on Sony’s flavor of Linux and comes with VEWD app store. So, you might face issues in running some apps. Thankfully, the TV comes loaded with apps like Netflix and YouTube.

User reviews have been pretty good for this TV, with users praising the excellent picture quality and the sound quality.

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On top of that, you can use Google Assistant for voice search. This feature comes in handy when you do not want to type in long names of movies and TV shows.

The TV comes with the LG Magic Remote, which sports a minimal design and is usable from any corner of the room. LG’s TV model does not run Android. Instead, it’s operating system is built on LG’s own webOS platform. Though it’s a polished OS and works flawlessly, the limited number of apps may be a concern. The good news is the apps for Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Netflix are pre-installed. Last but not least, the sound is good enough for a medium-sized room.


It runs on Samsung’s own Tizen OS, which brings a host of smart features, apart from the usual support for popular streaming services.

User reviews have been amazing for this TV so far. It has more than 66% positive reviews with around 4.4 stars rated for picture quality. Users have praised this TV for its viewing angles, display, and of course, its sound quality.

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The picture quality is sharp, vibrant, and produces accurate colors, thanks to the 10-bit HDR display. However, we did face some problems with the default brightness settings. Thankfully, you can tweak the brightness as per your liking from the settings menu.

Also, you can stream 4K content directly from YouTube or external sources. The upscaling is also pretty impressive. Furthermore, you can switch between the two interfaces — one is the PatchWall UI and the other being the default Google UI.

Last but not least, the 20 watts speaker produces decent sound and seems sufficient for a mid-sized room.


Though the app store is quite decent, it has quite a limited number of apps. Plus, it’s a tad slow. However, if you have a streaming stick like Amazon Fire TV, it will solve the purpose (and defeat the purpose of a smart TV at the same time).


The advantages of buying a smart TV are many. For starters, you can play games or stream your favorite content with just a flick of a button. Plus, with features like Chromecast and Miracast, you do not have to worry about connecting the phone via wires for displaying the content. Will you trust the old brands or will you go with the new names?

6 Best Ver­ti­cal Lap­top Stands for Desk

A messy desk can be made ideal with smart cable management solutions. Getting a vertical laptop stand is one of the best solutions to keeping your desk organized if you have a multi-monitor rig connected to a laptop or just a single monitor. That will help you maximize the desk space and also lend a clean look to your work desk.
DeskVertical stands for laptops come in several different designs. While some let you affix two laptops simultaneously, others have a more elegant design for better airflow. However, you’ll need some cable management sleeves and boxes to get rid of the clutter.

If you are looking for quality vertical stands for your laptop, here are our best recommendations.


The stand’s bottom has non-slip padding to prevent skidding. At the same time, the area that stays in contact with the laptop is lined with silicone strips to prevent scratches.

The build is solid and can take the weight of most notebooks and laptops. People who have bought this laptop stand are happy with their purchases, with 84% of them giving it a 5-star rating. A user sums his experience as, “The material feels sturdy, and it weighs enough to be very steady.” However, the secondary stand won’t hold the phone or tablet on its own. It will lean slightly against the laptop. So, in case of a phone call or a message, it will cause the whole rig to vibrate. While this is not a deal-breaker, you might want to consider this point before buying.

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The best part is that the open design doesn’t block any ports and allows the air to flow freely. The mechanism is simple. The weight of the laptop provides the necessary clamping force required to hold the device in place.

The stand is sturdy and can take the weight of most laptops seamlessly, be it a 16-inch MacBook Pro or a Lenovo Thinkpad. If you are a Space Gray MacBook Pro owner, rest assured that the color will sit nicely with the stand.

Reviewers have praised it for its sturdiness, lightweight design, and the quality of the material used.


If you have different MacBook models, you can get one of the interchangeable inserts. For now, the inserts are available for the 12-inch MacBook and the 13-inch MacBook Air. The best part is that the inserts are available in different shades.

As noted earlier, the BookArc has accumulated quite a number of great reviews. It has over 70% positive reviews with users happy about the lightweight and sturdy nature of the stand, not to mention, its elegant looks.


So, if you have a work laptop and a personal one, this stand makes the most sense. You can have both hooked to a single display and use them alternatively as per your convenience.

As noted earlier, the width can be adjusted. That makes it suitable for notebooks and laptops with width greater than 14mm and less than 42mm.

The stand is heavy and can easily bear the weight of two laptops without being wobbly. Several users noted that. One user explains, “Stand looks good and is very stable with two laptops typically parked on board.”

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It features a wide base that prevents the whole rig from flipping over. And the rubberized lining on the insides will ensure that your laptop remains in pristine conditions.

Apart from MacBooks, this stand is known to fit other laptops like HP Envy and Dell XPS 13 9370 just as well. People who have bought this product are happy with their product, thanks to its durability and build.


The nuts are on the underside of the dock and it can be adjusted as per the laptop’s width. And the anti-scratch pads feet help to keep the stand firmly rooted in one place.

However, it’s not invincible. An accidental knock or two may cause it to topple over. A user writes, “Make sure not to knock the laptop on its side too hard since it might topple as I did accidentally once.”

Nevertheless, it has earned its share of praises, thanks to its build, easy assembly, and value-for-money proposition.


Apart from laptops stands, you can also invest in wire management accessories like cable ties to route the power cables properly. Apart from that, investing in a few inexpensive desk accessories like letter collector and desk drawer lends a clean look to desks and tables.

E-commerce with AI: New Era Begins in Online Selling

For the past few years, e-commerce had expanded by 25 percent and further seems to boom with wider extension. So far, retail e-commerce business trend earned more confidence among customers with its efficient servicing and futuristic approach to e-commerce.


E-commerce is advancing forward as more companies are adapting to new technologies to gain more customer experience. Emarketers predicts by 2021, around 72.9 percent online purchase will happen through mobile devices. This confirms the statement “How much mobile support is mean to e-commerce?”

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A new era commences with AI in e-commerce

One of the popular eCommerce platform enterprise “Amazon” has never seen set back in its business for it has explored the importance of artificial intelligence in business over the past few years. Its amazing application machine learning handle AI cloud computing strategy to reward customers with profound experience.

In addition to e-commerce business companies, the largest social network platforms like Yahoo, Facebook has already started to include AI features to engage more customers with better insights. Thus reshaping business with Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce can upgrade any retail to hold great resource.

How one can effectively source AI to business growth?

In this ultra-modern world of technology, artificial intelligence is the most governing technology of all other technology trends. But have you ever thought of resourcing AI to complete e-commerce benefit? This article will provide you with valuable information on the topic. Today AI is the top trending topic in any technical magazine. As a result, top ventures like Google and Microsoft invested in AI development. Below is the key point for utilizing AI in your e-commerce business.

Make Predictions on the trading process

Gone are the days where Business promotion is made by cold calling searching contacts through yellow pages and past data to meet the reliable customers. Today marketers focus on advanced digital marketing trending including paid marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and several other techniques.

Once the advertisement is an effective platform to make more leads but now the information stuffed story narration ads through snapchat and YouTube have brought a new shape and phase to advertisement strategies.

In a similar manner AI in e-commerce can be helpful in taking the business to online, display the products, settle the queries of the customers and several other multitasking by automation process.

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More focus on customer search and service

Implementing AI can automatically categorize and prepare tags for the identified videos/ images, product logo and handle budget on different scales. It is true to the fact that a company implanted with AI can bring new color to their business.

Another benefit of including AI will be finding the product match. This is helpful to show the relevant products to the customers based on their searches thereby increasing the chance of pitching a sale.

Customer service can drive sales in either of the below two points:

  • As per Business Insider, 77% of the customers recommend the brand based on the good service.
  • 54% of customers stop purchasing after poor shopping service experience.

To solve this, AI along with chatbot to kindle the best customer service similar to human interaction. Chatbot has tremendously developed and advanced in handling orders, keep records dispatching the product for delivery, send messages to customer queries and speak to customers.


As per the statistics, nearly 33% of resourceful and interested leads are skipped off by the sales staff unknowingly. The statistics are simply missing the moderate number of leads who may actually be interested in buying the product.

Deploying AI can recover this negotiation and actually helps in improving the sales. A large number of companies are loaded with good sum number of lead information but obviously unable to utilize the resource. Application of artificial intelligence in e-commerce will be the diamond insight for the business to improve ROI.

Personalization across various device platform

AI can predict the customer behavior in any web pages by using the algorithm under machine learning concept to make a conclusion on the customer interest in purchase. Amazon already installed AI to previously go through the history of the search result and recommend the related product at the top of the page along with price tag and discount. In this manner, e-commerce business can deliver remarkable service to customers across different devices.

Development is not for Today, It’s for Better Future

Overall AI and machine learning are going to take the traditional approach of e-commerce protocol to modernly advanced level. The change doesn’t affect the present but as better bedding for the future e-commerce and its the right time for all the retailers to work together before the theme gets outdated. Thanks to AI for all retailers can study the mind of customers and leverage a comprehensive service.

An Intelligent Approach to Quality Control

Quality From visual affinity-based recommendations to proctoring to public surveillance, computer vision has got so many meaningful applications that it’s time to write it off as a buzzword. Enterprises around the world are honing their competitive edge by leaving the challenge of business workflow automation to image recognition software. And in this feature, we’ll delve into some practical applications of this trailblazing tech.


Predictive maintenance

Interruptions in activity represent one of the major causes of financial loss in enterprises. To wit, 82% of companies experienced at least one downtime over the past 3 years with US$250,000 an hour in lost revenue. In manufacturing, downtime is not uncommon due to improper equipment maintenance and related human errors.

To avoid being part of these alarming stats, prepare a comprehensive maintenance strategy with technology as its central element. Employ automated optical inspection systems equipped with CCTV cameras and high-resolution, multiple-megapixel video sensors. Use AI to accurately analyze data collected from these sources and identify potential problems in equipment performance and production lines before they even arise.

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Multimedia content analysis

The demand for online video content is increasing, and a recent report by Statista is clear proof. In 2018, 85% of all internet users in the USA watched video content monthly on their devices.

However, mere content delivery is not seen as a solution to the rising needs of viewers. To drive real business value out of this venture, content producers should strive to provide seamless, engaging viewing experiences.

This boils down to the fact that M&E represents another area where automated quality control might find its feet. Coupled with AI, computer vision can be used to process vast amounts of media content — to find and autocorrect audio, video, and metadata inconsistencies.

Going beyond quality control

If you want to take computer vision-enabled workflow automation to a new level — far beyond video content quality control — leverage it power to ensure strict regulatory compliance.

Tap into cutting-edge content orchestration to detect adult content, smoking, alcohol objectionable language, violence, racism, and other sensitive themes in a fraction of time. Automatically remove scenes inappropriate for political or religious reasons to safely deliver content in a particular region.\

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On a final note

Computer vision has already helped an array of businesses establish a firm foothold in today’s highly competitive world. Companies are using this tech to automate equipment monitoring, improve inventory management, deliver hyper-personalized content offerings, and provide flawless viewing experiences. Are you ready to follow suit?

About the author:

Yana Yelina is a Technology Writer at Oxagile, a provider of software engineering and IT consulting services. Her articles have been featured on KDNuggets, ITProPortal, Jaxenter, Singularity Hub, and Datafloq, to name a few. Yana is passionate about the untapped potential of technology and explores the perks it can bring businesses of every stripe.


GIFTS Calling all beer nerds! It’s time to give that beer-loving buddy of yours a gift they’ll truly love. Whether it’s a serious home-brewer or a suds-loving significant other in your life, we all know how tough it can be to find that perfect gift that’ll quench their thirst.


To save you time on browsing (so you can do more drinking, of course), we’ve put together a list of authentic and practical beer gifts sure to make the beer lover in your life very hoppy.

Host Freeze Mug Insulated Beer Glasses

Since there’s nothing worse than lukewarm beer, make sure your brew is chilling all night long with these clever cooling cups. Just pop them into the freezer at least 2 hours before sipping to keep your pilsner chilling for the long haul.

This beer gift is not only super affordable — it’s practical and something a beer drinker will use on the regular. It gets my seal of approval as an editor’s choice.

Growler Werks uKeg Pressurized Growler
This innovative, stainless steel pressurized growler keeps a gallon of your favorite craft beer fresh and carbonated for weeks. If you have a serious craft beer lover in your life, this is one of the most practical gifts you can get for them. 

National Geographic Atlas of Beer
A must-have item for any serious beer nerd, National Geographic‘s Atlas of Beer is a treasure trove of information about the history and geographic origins of every style of beer on the planet. Plus, it has colorful illustrations and a vintage-style cover that makes it a cool collectible item.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit
A very apartment-friendly option for home-brewing, Brooklyn Brew Shop’s kits are designed for beginner brewers working in small spaces. Each customized kit includes enough specialty ingredients for your first batch, including high-quality grain, hops, and yeast. It takes about a month to produce your first gallon of homespun suds.

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Give the beer lover in your life atrendy food subscription boxthey’llactuallyuse with a Craft Beer Club membership. For under $50 per month, you can gift your beer-loving sweetie 12 delicious craft beers (in four different styles) delivered straight to their door.

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Can’t decide between coffee or beer? We’re firm believers that you shouldn’t have to pick just one! This Hopped Up Coffee is blended with malted barley and hops for a savory and downright delicious roast that’s sure to put a little pep in your step.

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The ultimate piece of literature for any serious beer drinker, The Beer Bibleis a comprehensive guide to the world’s ales and beers, organized by the four major families — ales, lagers, wheat beers, and sour or wild ales — just like any proper bar menu should be!

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Whether you’re tailgating or hiking, there’s nothing more important than keeping your brew of choice properly chilled. This insulated stainless steel cooler-koozy hybrid from YETI is a beer gift that is practical, affordable, and also happens to be super sleek. Choose from a variety of fun colors like black, navy, or red — but we must say we’re partial to this sea-foam green hue.

KRUPS The SUB Home Beer Tap
A magnificent thing happened when kitchen appliance company KRUPS got together with craft beer delivery service Hopsy: The “SUB” Home Beer Tap. Simply order your craft beer of choice online through the Hopsy site, then once your delivery arrives, insert the mini keg directly into the device for your very own beer tap.

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Goop G.Nite Bedtime Bath Soak
You’ve likely already heard of the sedative properties of hopsthat can help some folks chill out, but we bet you’ve never tried bathing in them. Goop’s G.Nite Bedtime Bath Soak includes a relaxing and fragrant potpourri of valerian root, sandalwood, lavender, and hops, for a soaking experience beer fans will love.

Skyline Workshop Beer Cap State Map
Ideal for the beer buff who loves to travel and explore, this state-based Beer Cap Map includes 70 empty slots to fill with the bottle caps of your most beloved brews. Smooth, sturdy, and well-made, it makes a great gift for collectors. Choose their state and crack open a cold one!

LAFCO Big Sky Home Candle
If you’re searching for a beer gift to cozy up with this winter, we recommend this comforting candle from LAFCO. Inspired by a ranch house and the open sky, this candle has warm notes of cognac, pink peppercorns, and cloves, and reminds us of cracking open a rich stout beer by the fire.

5 Best Indoor Smart Exer­cise Bikes That You Can Buy

Indoor Over the last few years, smart gadgets have slowly found a spot in our lives. Be it the trustworthy security camera that dutifully sends you an intruder notification or the pair of smart bulbs that light up in different hues. Yep, smart gadgets are almost everywhere, even in the gym. It’s 2020 and smart exercise bikes are now a reality. While some bikes help you stay focused with their high-energy routines, others simulate a biking experience with ascents and descents, just like real-world biking. Sounds exciting, right?


Aside from that, some bikes even allow you to connect other training apps. So, if you have the resources and the space to dedicate, smart bikes are the next big thing in the world of indoor exercising. The only catch is that they are a little expensive at present, compared to their non-smart counterparts.

So, if you are willing to invest in an indoor smart exercise bike, we have rounded up the best options for you.


A smart exercise bike helps you stay focused on your goal with a series of interactive sessions — be it virtual bike tours or on-demand classes. At the same time, they also show you detailed statistics about the activity and performance in real-time.

Take the Peloton bike as an example. This new-age bike bundles a cool 21.5-inch HD touchscreen display at the front. And, it opens the door to a world of engaging fitness routines.

However, the Peloton bike is not the only smart exercise bike out there. There are some which let you pair the screen of your choice to the bike. While others simulate real-world scenarios like hill-cycling, among others.

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  • Footprint: 54.7-inches x 29.5-inches.
  • Subscription cost: N/A.

The bike has a dedicated screen at the front to show important data like speed, RPM, and the direction you are going.

The biking enthusiasts will like the fact that the Neo Bike Smart lets you change the gears as per your preference. For now, you can switch between three chainrings. With different sets of teeth as well as sprockets and the impressive performance of the resistance unit, this bike simulates the feel of real roads, as per the folks at Road.cc. Plus, it gives a slight vibration when you drop a gear. Cool, I must say.


  • Footprint: 54.7-inches x 29.5-inches.
  • Subscription cost: Starting at $39.

Speaking of the spinning classes, you can access them as per the difficulty level you are comfortable with. Plus, there’s a leadership feature to see how you stack up against the others. The display is sweatproof, meaning you can ride away to glory without worrying about sweat damage.


  • Footprint: 55 inches x 21.9 inches.
  • Subscription cost: Free initially. After that, $15 per month.

Exercising on the NordicTrack S22i is mostly trainer-driven. As per the folks at Business Insider, the trainers are friendly and offer technical tips and motivations whenever necessary.

The smartness in the bike means that the resistance will change as per the terrain you are cycling in, or how your trainer sees fit.

Like its counterparts above, the NordicTrack S22i is a silent bike, thus letting you enjoy your workouts in peace without disturbing the rest of your house members. The seat, handlebar, and display can be adjusted to the position of your liking. Along with that, it comes with two three-pound weights.

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  • Footprint: 22-inches x 42-inches.
  • Subscription cost: $39.99 per month.

Like the iFit app, the Echelon Fit app also lets you access scenic rides and training programs. If you sign up for a live class, an energetic trainer will be ready to guide you through the session. And naturally, this makes the journey less monotonous. Like most exercise bikes, this one also shows details like the number of calories burnt, distance covered and speed, among others.


  • Footprint: 20-inches x 54-inches.
  • Subscription cost: $39.99 per month.

The Connect EX5S comes with toe cages that make sure that your feet don’t fall out during intensive workouts.

When it comes to the Echelon classes, you can have a pick from on-demand classes or virtual bike tours to make your cycling sessions realistic and fun. If you are just beginning your journey, you can also check out the beginner’s classes to get in the groove. And the 21.5-inch screen adds to the experience. As noted earlier, the instructors are energetic and will keep you motivated whenever required.


The bikes mentioned above are some of the smart and connected ones that you can get for your home gym. Yes, they are on the expensive side. However, if you and your family members exercise regularly, these bikes will aid you in reaching the fitness goal sooner while staying indoors and still being motivated.

How to Check Screen Time on Dif­fer­ent Devices

While the debate on whether screen time is good or not continues, it’s possible to manage and monitor how much time is spent on your device. Perhaps you want to see the time you spend on particular apps, especially those that distract you from completing your to-do list, and you end up in a rabbit hole having done nothing all day.
DevicesIf you’re a parent or have children living with you, and you want to see how much time they spend watching stuff or playing games, you can get this information by viewing the screen time. In this step-by-step guide, we’re going to show you how to check screen time on devices running the major operating systems.


Smartphones and other mobile gadgets are a central part of most people’s daily routine, if not integral to it.

Whether you’re sending an email, text message, streaming movies, chatting on WhatsApp, or live streaming on Facebook, or editing your photos with cool filters, it can be hard to stay away from screens, and worse still, not know how much of your time it consumes every day.

Thankfully, Screen Time is the native tool for your iOS device that can help you check how much time you spend on your iPhone or iPad.

To check your screen time on an iPhone or other iOS devices, use these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings and tap Screen Time.

Step 2: Tap Turn on Screen Time and then tap Continue.

Step 3: Select whether it’s your device or your child’s device.

Once you set it up, you can view screen time reports and adjust any settings from your device using Family Sharing.

On your iOS device, you can see detailed reports about how you use your device, the apps you open, and websites you visit by going to Settings>Screen Time>See All Activity under the graph.

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Unlike iOS devices whose users can easily check their screen time from the built-in feature we’ve described above, Android users have to take a different route but still get to view their usage.

To check screen time usage on Android for different apps and other services, use the steps below (For this guide, we used a Samsung S8+ running Android Pie).

Step 1: Open Settings and tap Device Care.

Step 2: Tap Battery.

You’ll see a list of the apps you’ve been using, the total active hours or minutes, total battery usage in percentages at the right-hand side, and time the app has taken running in the background for the current day or whole week.


In Windows 10, you can check screen time through the Family Safety settings. It’s particularly useful if you have kids and want to monitor and manage their activities as well as time spent on the computer.

The tool was introduced by Microsoft to give parents control over what their children or family members can do and use on Windows 10 computers.

It’s an improvement from Windows 7 Parental Controls, which managed the experience locally. It offers a seamless way of managing the safety of your children on the computer and online through Microsoft Accounts.

Step 1: Click Start>Settings and select Accounts.

Step 2: Click Family & Other Users.

Step 3: Click Add a family member to configure family safety. You can add a child by clicking Add a child.

Step 4: Click Start>Settings>Accounts>Family and Other Users, and then click Manage Family Settings Online.

That will load the Activity Page from where you can click Screen Time to start viewing how much time is spent on apps, games, and other activities on your computer.

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As with iOS devices, the Screen Time feature is also native to Mac computers, and you can check app usage or limits, notifications received, and even the number of times you picked up your iPhone or iPad and the app you opened first.

Here are the steps to take when checking screen time on your Mac:

Step 1: Click Apple Menu and select System Preferences.

Step 2: Click Screen Time.

Step 3: Click on the Options in the bottom left side of the screen.

Step 4: Toggle the switch at the top right side to Turn On screen time.

You can also see the usage data for all other devices using your Apple ID and password by selecting Share across devices and turning on the same setting on the other Apple Devices.


Your smartphone, tablet, or laptop needn’t take up too much of your time, especially on things that leave you feeling like you wasted your day. By knowing how to check your screen time on different devices, you can take back control of every minute and hour you spend and keep track of how much time you save or lose every day.