Top Software Development Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Software development is a dynamic domain. You have to keep your eye on new and emerging trends in this domain to expect the unexpected. The shift from the use of conventional desktops to the world of smart phones is quickly gaining popularity. Users are becoming more demanding. If your area of specialization is software development, it is quite essential for you to be in sync with the latest trends.

Here are the top 5 trends to watch out for in 2017:

  1. Agile Will Remain One of the Favorite Methodologies

Even though this methodology has been around for a decade now, it is gaining lot of popularity in the recent years. Almost 80% of software companies are dependent on this methodology for the success of their projects.

The reason behind its popularity is the fact that it is less time consuming, which results in quick software development. It also allows programmers to improve software as per their requirement.

  1. Huge Impact of Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT has taken app development to a higher level. Technavio has forecasted that IoT will see a growth of 31.72% (CAGR) between 2015 and 2019. IoT enables the exchange of data by linking smart devices to the internet, which was impossible earlier. With more connectivity and access to network, programmers are expected to come up with upgraded solutions. These solutions may help users control and communicate with their gadgets and equipment of daily use.

  1. Cloud Computing is Gaining Popularity

Organizations with appropriate data centers and complex applications are moving towards cloud-based solutions to run their core business applications. The global cloud market is currently growing at a 22% annually and is expected to touch $146 billion by the end of 2017., Microsoft, Google and IBM are the major contributors to the high demand for this platform.

  1. Big Data Analysis

Once regarded as hype, big data is now busy transforming the market. IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide has revealed that the big data and business analytics market will grow by 13.1 percent to $130 billion by 2020.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Professor Stephen Hawking has warned that full development of AI “could spell the end of the human race”. In spite of this, we will see a surge in many more targeted AI systems like:

  • Robotics – personal, industrial, and retail
  • Autonomous vehicles (cars, drones etc.)
  • Bots -CRM, consumer, and personal assistants
  • Industry-specific AI for finance, health, security.

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5 Important Facts That You Should Know About IoT Training


If you wish to upgrade your professional skills in technology, then you may consider online or offline training process and certification to enable you to do business with the Internet of Things. IoT primarily focuses on physical devices networks, homes, vehicles and other items that are embedded in software sensors, electronics, connectivity, and actuators. Everything in an Internet of Things must have the ability to connect with other objects and also exchange data. Poor skills such as the inability to create and maintain network security can significantly affect IoT from transforming the way in which we work and live. This makes the issue of IoT an essential requirement for people who want to focus on the line of technology. After thorough training in IoT, the learner is then certified as a professional who can improve the manner in which business is done, and daily life is lived. IoT is a broad field with diverse components. The article will explain top five critical facts that one should know about the IoT training.


In the current high technology world, filled with abundant and sophisticated smartphones as well as other gadgets, you can only be forgiven if you think that IoT has integrated itself to modern technology. The good thing is that, once you delve into IoT, you will find yourself striving for even more advanced connectivity. It is estimated that, by 2025, IoT will have over 76 billion connections of devices. In this regard, training must be taken seriously and that is why this article presents some of the best facts that a learner must know about IoT Training.

Things to know about IoT training

1. The value of IoT skills is not only about technology- the real value of IoT training and certification lies in the creation of advanced value propositions as well as potential revenue streams. The aim here is to take this technology and apply it to move to new business models as well as services that may help realize them. As asserted by the leading analysts as well as thought leaders, potential growth in IoT skills is very critical. It is believed that, the more the number of graduates in IoT training and certification, the higher the revenue expected. In fact, it is belied that, by 2020, the total revenue will have risen to about $7.1 trillion for companies that make use of the IoT graduates.

2. The IoT training will give you unique skills that businesses outside your industry knows but you don’t know. A good example is training you to use the new highly powerful development tools for the clickstream analysis. This gives you the power to detect fraud even before it has happened to your organization, enhance strong cybersecurity and do genome sequencing.

3. IoT training is business, customer facing and technology-oriented- the training program is very inclusive as it impacts learners from diverse backgrounds. Whether you are a manager, an investor, an executive entrepreneur or a consultant, IoT business-oriented training is meant for you. The package will significantly help you come up with winning business strategies in an executive way to help you develop IoT businesses, products, and projects.

4. Learner Expectations of IoT training- the course of training focuses on the architecture of IoT, devices, components and software requirements. Trainers will also ensure you have vast knowledge about the layers of IoT, emended systems as well as microcontrollers. Working with big data and analysis will no longer be a big deal to you! Importantly, you will be able to handle any IoT support service, security as well as advanced data management.

5. The basic procedure- for you to be a certified graduate of the IoT course, you must have undergone the compulsory requirements and passed the given tests. The mandatory training module ensures that you have gained a full understanding of the IoT and how it works. Passing an exam is an indication of the high-level skilled graduate produced as the exams cover all the relevant areas required in the job market.

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Styles And Characteristics Of Two Way Radios

Walkie-talkies are tools that enable verbal conversation with other men and women making use of the very same machines. Two way radios can be stated to be the superior model of walkie-talkies and functionality the same way as the later on does. Describing it straight, two way radio is like a radio that transmits as properly as gets voice contents, compared with a broadcast receiver, which only receives the voice articles.

Typically, there are two varieties of two way radios offered now. The 1st operates on Relatives Radio Services (FRS) even though the second operates on General Mobile Radio Support (GMRS). FRS radios are for particular utilization and are really low-cost. If temperature is favourable, it can transmit signals up to a most distance of 2 miles. To very own as very well as use it, one won’t will need a license. GMRS radios are, on the other hand more highly-priced than FRS, and can transmit signals to a optimum length of up to 10 miles. These radios transmit at rather superior ability degrees and call for a GMRS license to be operated.

Step by step becoming used in diverse fields, two way radios have quite a few options attached with them. This sort of radios give people an option to use non-public code to guard the process from remaining caught by any other radio consumers. Some of the high-priced radios sets have the technique of decreased eavesdropping, which blocks your discussion with companions from remaining eavesdropped on by other radio users. These radios have different means of finding phone alerts to be notified if a new information is on its way.

The radios of right now are currently being equipped with a weather channel, which offers you the newest weather facts. Little left to wonder, some extremely effective two way radios are endowed with functions like barometer, thermometer, digital compass, AM/FM radio and GPS navigation device. This handheld and effortless-to-carry gadget is starting to be a great deal handy in facilitating our lives to a good extent.

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Consumer Practical experience (UX) Design Vs User Interface (UI) Design and style


Person expertise (UX) design and style is the approach of producing items that supply meaningful and relevant encounters to customers. This entails the design and style of the full system of attaining and integrating the item, which include features of branding, style, usability, and operate.

User encounter (UX) focuses on getting a deep being familiar with of users, what they need to have, what they worth, their capabilities, and also their constraints. It also can take into account the enterprise plans and targets of the group handling the challenge. UX ideal procedures promote improving the high quality of the person&#39s interaction with and perceptions of the product and any related providers.

User interface (UI) layout is the process of creating interfaces in application or computerized equipment with a focus on seems or design. Designers goal to build layouts consumers will locate effortless to use and pleasurable. UI design ordinarily refers to graphical user interfaces but also contains many others, these kinds of as voice-managed ones.

Consumer Working experience in the IT Market

In the IT marketplace, software package developers and net designers will occasionally speak about consumer encounter working with these connected phrases:

  • User-Centered Layout
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Usability

Peter Morville signifies this via his Consumer Expertise Honeycomb.

He notes that in buy for there to be a meaningful and important person working experience, details have to be:

  • Practical : Your articles need to be original and fulfill a need
  • Usable : Web page will have to be easy to use
  • Desirable : Graphic, identification, manufacturer, and other structure factors are used to evoke emotion and appreciation
  • Findable : Information desires to be navigable and locatable onsite and offsite
  • Available : Articles desires to be obtainable to persons with disabilities
  • Credible : Users must rely on and believe that what you tell them.

The big difference among UX and UI structure

The a few key discrepancies among UX and UI designers are:

  1. UX deals with the intent and performance of the solution. UI bargains with the quality of the conversation that the end-consumer has with the products.
  2. UI layout has an inventive part as it relates to the structure and interface with the product. It has an effect on what the finish-person sees, hears, and feels. UX has a lot more of a social element for marketplace study and speaking with shoppers to have an understanding of what their requirements are.
  3. UX focuses on undertaking administration and examination through the entire stage of concept, enhancement, and shipping and delivery. UI has a lot more of a technical component to make the style components for the concluded products.

UX Designer Crucial Tasks

  • Material / Technique: Consumer Investigation, Competitor Investigation, Product or service Structure / System
  • Prototyping and Wireframing: Prototyping, Tests / Iteration, Advancement, Scheduling, Wireframing
  • Analytics and Execution: Coordination with Developer (s), Coordination with UI Designer (s), Assessment and Iteration, Tracking Goals and Integration

UI Designer Critical Tasks

  • Glimpse and Experience: Branding and Graphic Progress, Consumer Guides / Storyline, Purchaser Investigation, Structure Analysis
  • Responsiveness and Interactivity: Adaptation to All System Display screen Sizes, Interactivity and Animation, Implementation with Developer, UI Prototyping, Implementation with Developer

UX and UI are not spots to skimp on. Regardless of the definitions and division of labor, they are both of those essential areas of merchandise growth and delivery. Investigation demonstrates that customer working experience drives income development. UX and UI are an investment in the product or services.

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Price Action – The Forex Trading Technique That Should Be Learned by Everybody

If someone forced me to pick a forex trading technique above all else to use, it would be price action. No doubt about it. All you need to do is have basic history lesson in trading to see what I am talking about. Some of the greatest technical traders of all time relied solely on the use of price action.

Of course price action does not mean the same thing to every trader. Many traders use the concept of price action differently. But the one universal truth of price action is that you can take patterns in the price and be able to use them to predict future price movement.

This is not all there is to know when it comes to trading forex successfully. Obviously it's a good idea to have a grasp of fundamental analysis, like being able to understand how the news and economic conditions affect the currency market. But when it comes to technical analysis, one thing is for certain, price action is king.

I can speak from experience when I say that I must have tried out or bought every gadget or "magical" indicator that has ever experienced, and it led me nowhere. I could tell I did not know any more about trading than I did when I first started. Exception that this junk does not work.

The instance that it ever dawned on me that all I needed from a technical point was price action, everything changed for me. Instead of using these random and arbitrary indicators, I was the one that was in control. I was able to get a firm granted the forex market, instead of it being translated to me by these lagging indicators.

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Day Traded Economic Devices – Currencies

The credit card debt ceiling debacle and govt shutdown have affected our normal trading operations in several approaches. I’ve been a inventory index trader since the early 1990’s when I commenced performing and trading at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The information cycle lasted at least 24 hours before newspapers and television early morning demonstrates would revise or alter the political landscape and concerns of the day that might impact market place behavior. Also, the U.S. money marketplaces shut for organization at 4:15pm and didn’t re-open up till the pursuing early morning. This compelled all of the industry individuals into a, “time out.” Finally, this permitted the markets’ members to digest the day’s situations and adjust their buying and selling strategies appropriately.

Speedy forward to 2013 and the information cycle is shipped 140 people at a time by any person who thinks they may perhaps have a little something newsworthy to say. This all sounds, no sign news natural environment is then transmitted via each individual conceivable electronic gadget, Television, and satellite radio to totally overwhelm the markets’ participants.

Thankfully, we are living in a earth exactly where everybody is entitled to something they want. The sellers of, “want” guidance this by giving obtain to the markets approximately 24 several hours a day. Furthermore, the same sellers of obtain to open up markets, the brokerage homes and government regulators have decided that 24 hrs a working day isn’t adequate. We are going to continue to be open up on various financial institution holiday seasons as perfectly. Our clients would not be able to transfer resources if they get in trouble but the odds are, it is not going to be our margin simply call and the commissions will protect any punitive damages if there is certainly a joint motion towards the brokerage field.

The past sarcasm is securely primarily based in the buying and selling entire world in which I exist. There are moments when the only truth in the sector is the market’s previous traded price tag. This is the place the rubber meets the street and the ideal bids meets the very best offer you, the deal is sealed. The sounds can be tuned out. The Television can be turned off. The approach shifts from big image investing and turns to specialized assessment and day buying and selling. Dependent on my knowledge, the exchange traded currency markets can be the most effective choice owing to their volume, contract size and responsiveness to technical evaluation.

Effective day trading in any sector calls for the correct diploma of volatility and deal measurement. These are the analyzing things of regardless of whether a given sector has plenty of Greenback dependent motion to be rewarding. The most basic process of figuring this out is to multiply the regular day-to-day trading variety around the final several days by the tick value in the marketplace you have selected. The Euro Currency has an ordinary every day array of about $.0077. That will not audio like substantially but the Euro Currency has an exchange listed agreement value of $125,000. Thus, the ordinary movement is $.0077 X $125,000, which is an regular everyday greenback movement of $962.50. Another way of hunting at it is that the Euro has a tick price of $12.50 and has an regular vary of 77 ticks.

We’ve established that the market has plenty of motion and a significant enough agreement dimension to present prospect to financial gain from its day by day motion. The future step is to establish if the industry has adequate liquidity to take care of our trade sizing without having getting rid of as well much in slippage. Continuing with the Euro Forex as an illustration we can look at the depth of the current market on virtually any preferred investing platform. Industry depth supplies us with a are living glimpse at the variety of contracts trying to be purchased or offered in the vicinity of the market’s recent rate. The Euro is at this time investing all-around 1.35 to the Greenback. There are 50 potential buyers at 1.3499 and 32 sellers at 1.3500. Relocating a couple of ticks up or down exhibits that there are hundreds of contracts waiting to be bought and marketed in a couple of ticks of the past traded value. This is obviously sufficient quantity to manage a day trader’s quantity successfully.

Lastly, we come to technical analysis. A single of the stunning items about the forex markets is the world trade that they symbolize. Seldom do we see the forex swings or volatility like we see in the S&P 500. The S&P 500 futures have had 30 days in 2013 exactly where the marketplace moved extra than 1% compared to 11 days in the Euro with a 1% transfer or far more. Industry movement is crucial in analyzing opportunity revenue but, volatility based on news functions that modify all through the working day will most most likely lead to far more protecting stops getting hit as perfectly as additional false breakouts in sample recognition and the corresponding failure of the set up.

Working day investing the forex marketplaces like the euro can be a more secure way to grind out revenue when the news cycles have turned the inventory indices into a yo-yo. The additional depth of the currency marketplaces as they relate to worldwide trade delivers intercontinental conglomerates to the marketplace when the swings get out of hand.

A huge portion of my buying and selling, no matter whether day buying and selling or, posture buying and selling is concentrated on subsequent the what the significant players are undertaking and attempting to align myself with their viewpoints. The govt shutdown has halted the Commodity Futures Investing Commission’s weekly Motivation of Traders report, which enables me to track what the commercial traders are undertaking in all of the markets I trade. In its absence, I locate the added depth and worldwide viewpoint of the forex market’s contributors a fantastic proxy. Consequently, I will shorten my horizons until eventually greater prospects current them selves and I am the moment again presented with sign somewhat than sound.

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Two Way Radios – Remain Linked … Generally

Being linked is the search phrase of nowadays&#39s residing design and style. It is incredibly vital to keep in contact with your relatives, friends and workers. The existing working day busy lifestyles do not give persons the time to be in constant touch with their households and inquire about their very well-staying. In these types of a circumstance, two way radios are the perfect devices that can address a relatives&#39s connectivity woes.

The thought of two way radios is not very new. They are gadgets that can receive as well as transmit information. They have been an integral and essential conversation system in the protection set up, like the army, navy and air force, considering the fact that a incredibly extended time. A great deal in advance of the introduction of the pager and the cellular telephone, the walkie talkie, as it is commonly acknowledged, was one of the initially gizmos that functioned on wi-fi technological know-how.

Due to the fact, in most circumstances, both mom and dad are pursuing a whole time qualified profession, it is critical to preserve a monitor of the actions and whereabouts of the little ones from the place of work alone. Two way radios have gradually and slowly emerged as the most trustworthy gadget that can assistance parents continue to keep a protecting and watchful eye more than their small children. They are also immensely handy in scenario there is an unwell relative who may possibly demand health-related attention at any issue of time.

These radios are incredibly easy products and uncomplicated and uncomplicated to use as very well. Some are so easy that they can be utilised very easily by little ones. Typically, two way radios appear with a push button procedure, which is generally utilised to activate the transmitter so that discussion can be built probable. A person quite critical fact that has to be held in brain is that in buy to create relationship, the frequency of two walkie talkies must match.

Two way radios are less expensive than mobiles, considering the fact that a single does not have to fork out for every conversation. The other benefit is that they are now offered in sleeker styles and far better options. The price also falls in the simply very affordable array with a lot of companies key cell companies have started establishing these devices due to their increasing attractiveness and utility.

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Evidence Technician Profession Recommendations

Proof technicians are generally regarded as one of the principal pillars of the US justice technique. They deliver support for regulation enforcement officers and forensic researchers in processing the proof from crime scenes.

Their most important job is to acquire, recognize, sign up and file physical proof systematically in these types of a way that it can be retrieved or referenced later on for use as a courtroom exhibit or in supporting police cases. Owing to their specialized know-how, evidence experts are normally involved in crime scene investigation technique instruction for legislation enforcement officers and non-public investigators.

As component of their day to working day duties, evidence technicians will be envisioned to accompany regulation enforcement officers to a criminal offense scene where they will make use of their expertise to process the proof and acquire studies for their superiors and legislation enforcement groups.

This is a demanding and relatively large anxiety position that calls for just one to be in good actual physical condition for the reason that they will be expected to stand, bend or stoop for extended intervals. The sensitivity and urgency of evidence selection also usually means that proof collection can not wait and they must often get the job done underneath tricky temperature disorders.

An proof technician’s work is not only physically exerting but mentally demanding as very well. One particular have to be conversant with the most recent scientific approaches and technical strategies of managing criminal offense scenes.

This signifies a truthful quantity of time have to be spent on person analysis, attending forensic seminars and being familiar with new proof assortment and analysis gadgets and software program.

Since the proof tech is deemed the in dwelling qualified on proof gathering and investigation and will be anticipated to coach new personnel, they must familiarize by themselves with crime scene investigation processes and policies.

Proof tech’s have to make absolutely sure that they generally have an ample stock of the supplies they need to have to approach criminal offense scenes. Hold off in processing evidence can have critical repercussions on proving the culpability or innocence of a suspect to a crime. They will have to consequently sustain restricted checking on provide amounts and call the worried sellers early sufficient and way ahead of the inventory runs out.

If you intend to be an proof technician, the fundamental specifications are a least of a GED certificate or significant university Diploma coupled with a legal justice certification or associate degree. Most criminal justice degree or certificate plans will present courses that cover the selection and processing of evidence which include cataloging, labeling and reporting.

For the certificate, the training course should usually run for two semesters during which the pupils will be educated on criminology, social and legal conduct, the United States authorized system together with standard prison regulation and the juvenile criminal technique.

An affiliate diploma goes deeper and broader than the certificate and incorporates modules on regulation enforcement management, proof and court strategies as well as the pertinent sections of the constitution that go over proof management.

Other than the educational qualification, the proof technician ought to also go to workshops and seminars where they can polish up on their abilities and capture up with recent developments.

This is a occupation truly worth looking into. You have to have to obtain more facts if you are interested. There are on the internet web-sites that can enable you attain this. Why wait any more time?

Note: Please come to feel no cost to reprint or republish this article. The only need is that the links be are living backlinks.

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BFSI Organization Mobility – Problems and Important Options


1. Technological Issues: These are the worries in addressing and bringing collectively diverse cell platforms, networks, units, and working techniques. BFSI details is a person of the most delicate and vulnerable of most kinds of enterprise data. Encryption, scalability and safety factors need to have to be tackled correctly.

2. Business Issues: These are the political, regulatory and economic components that can impact the BFSI organization procedure across numerous degrees. With these issues there is no one particular option that fits all. Each of these variables require in depth investigation and redress. Involved in this are enterprise concerns linked to opponents, stakeholders and consumer acceptance.

Essential Options:

1. Inclusion of heterogeneous Infrastructure: Heterogeneity in cell products is right here to keep. This requirements to be accepted by BFSI organizations at the preliminary ranges. Inclusion of various technologies and devices should be employed as energy and this toughness will have to be leveraged efficiently. This has very long phrase positive aspects in terms of cost conserving, usability and accessibility as very well as gives the independence to the stake holders to opt for their devices. BFSI mobility infrastructure should be designed to correctly consist of these various techniques, technologies and cell working programs these kinds of as Symbian, Palm, BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and other Linux variants.

2. Convey Your Possess Machine (BYOD): The stakeholders particularly the staff desire to have their alternative of equipment. By permitting the workforce to pick their equipment and facilitating the use of such units for company operations can be vastly effective to the BFSI corporation in the long run. A solitary, unified and simplified gadget for BFSI business function and conversation (official and particular) would make improved business enterprise sense. This alternative is not only price tag-powerful but also lessens instruction wants for new gadgets and instantaneously improves productiveness since the person is familiar with the product.

3. Extensible Architecture: As a first action, BFSI enterprises must make confident of the present infrastructure for incorporating mobility answers and any extension to the present infrastructure must be developed to be even further extensible. This kind of architecture enables clean scalability and flexibility for inclusion of extra and enhanced functionalities in a phased method.

4. Cloud Link: BFSI enterprises have to integrate cloud computing in mobility remedies layout and leverage this wonder system in improving upon responsiveness and productivity. Cloud computing answers can be a get to BFSI corporations which knowledge simultaneous obtain, command and updates to their documents.

5. Organization Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Gadget Administration (MDM): These are the two essential phrases devoid of which BFSI mobility is incomplete. Although EMM is a unified management technique that manages all the enterprise relevant products and equipment in accordance to set mobility protocols, MDM enable enterprises to centralize functions of various good devices easily, transparently and seamlessly.

BFSI Business mobility methods are not devoid of challenges. The advantages considerably outweigh the problems. These issues can be tackled properly with the adaption of simple, price tag-helpful, state of the art technological alternatives.

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Dell Online (Case Study)

Background (General Facts from Case Study)

Dell is a computer corporation recognized for manufacturing computer systems through parts assemble. In 1983, Michael Dell saw an opportunity in using IBM compatible computers for a new assembly line that can be sold to local businesses. The idea as explained by Michael Dell, in an interview with Joan Magretta[1], is that in the early days of computers’ manufacturing, companies had to be able to produce every part of the system. As the industry matured, companies started to focus on single parts and to become specialized in creating items that can be assembled with other parts to prepare a computer. As a result, Dell understood that to have a competitive edge in the market, they needed to focus on activities that drive sales instead of putting capital in producing items that other manufactures are already creating.

In the 1990’s, the computer market revolved around desktops, notebooks, and network servers. Dell competed with high-end machines from IBM, HP, and Compaq with a product line that provided value-priced systems for consumers and highly reliable networked systems for business. In the late 90’s, around 40% of households owned a pc in the US. On the contrary, from the business side, around 80% of the companies still had old server and desktop machines. Management had to approve purchasing orders, which resulted in only 2.2% of servers’ sale in comparison to the total purchases for desktop PCs in 1996.

In order for Dell to achieve $7.8 billion from sales in the late 90’s, it had to skip over the traditional channels of using retail or value-added resellers (VARs) to sell directly to the consumers . The “direct-model “or as Michael Dell comments on how his new employees call it “The model” is not that all powerful system. It is simply a way for Dell to cut on the standard supply chain cycle and deliver goods directly from the manufacturer to the customer. They created partnerships with several suppliers such as Sony, Intel, and others to deliver goods effectively at the time of the order to Dell’s plant where the assembly took place. The delivery and shipment were outsourced through a dedicated service that also insured delivering the monitors directly from the supplier at the same time. Mr. Dell talks about how suppliers are benefiting from the fact that Dell buys more items from the suppliers keeping no inventory and only requesting faster delivery upon orders.

In 1996, Dell capitalized on the growing number of customers who are using the Internet and launched its online store at The online venture then proved to be the most appropriate sales channel that matched the supply chain direct model implemented by Dell.

In its path to compete in the market, Dell had to provide additional services such as DellPlus that enabled Dell to install commercial software packages, DellWare which provided hardware and software from other vendors, and after sales and on-site support services. These actions, as described by Michael Dell, required establishing more partnerships, which Mr. Dell describes as a process of “trial and error”. The integration with partners was changing as the technology is evolving and many venders go volatile while others remain sold. Furthermore, looking for an IT company to build the online store brought in very few players, which made Dell accept the overhead of developing the portal in-house.

Enterprise Architecture Issues

  • Supply Chain Management: The purchase and number of transactions that Dell took in required a properly configured and concise business process.
  • In-sourcing: To meet the demand of the market some parts of the process required the services of other companies that can be in partner with Dell.
  • Quality Assurance: The computer industry is a very dynamic one, which makes quality products stand out when faced with technology-oriented consumers.
  • Business Automation: As Dell advanced into online markets, its sales staff feared from losing their jobs in favor of automated sales transactions.
  • Dynamic Industry: The technology industry requires closely monitoring consumers’ trend to maintain a low gap between the point of demand and the point of supply.


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) aims at integrating all corporate activities to improve relationships at all levels (internal operations, supplier networks, and distribution channel) to meet the competitive edge and satisfy the customer (Al-Mashari and Zairi 2000)[2]. In order to build an effective and complete business process that supports SCM, information among all business partners need to be shared. Information sharing through the Internet reduce the gap for business-to-business (B2B) commerce by enabling seamless integration with enterprise processes among partner corporations (Archer 2006)[3].

Dell developed its internal business process by creating production cells that start assembly at the point of order. It also established an internal information system to make the details of the products under production electronically available to all parties within the chain. To manage the supply of computer parts, Dell maintained close relationships with their suppliers and logistics providers to make their vendors manage the inventory system while Dell focused on product assembly (Kumar and Craig 2007)[4]. In addition, Dell used enterprise technology to make their database and methodologies available to the supplier to understand how Dell works. On the consumer side, orders made through the phone or online through produced a tracking code that the consumer can use to track the status of his or her order at any time through the phone or on Dell’s website.

In sourcing

Organizations worldwide are benefiting from the specialized services offered by various companies. In the shipping and transport arena, companies Like UPS (United Parcel Service) and DHL stand out as masters in their industry. UPS and DHL have established offices and transportation vehicles all across the world. They provide business services through in-sourcing which enables them to be part of the internal business process of companies (Marcum 2007)[5]. To a company like Toshiba for example, after-sales support service would require shipping the damaged computer to and from the consumer’s side. For that, UPS would say, “Look, instead of us picking up the machine from your customers, bringing it to our hub, then flying it from our hub to your repair facility and then flying it back to our hub and then from our hub to your customer’s house, let’s cut out all the middle steps. We, UPS, will pick it up, repair it, and send it right to your customer” (Friedman 2006)[6].

Dell understands that it need not compete unless it would get the advantage in the market. Michael Dell says that one should evaluate the competition field and pick the best one. In that context, after-sales services were contracted with firms who are specialized in that field and can be contacted directly through the integrated supply system to fulfill the requests of the consumers. Furthermore, shipping is handled through multiple shippers to deliver systems to consumers or to resellers across the world. In addition, Dell has saved the overhead cost of monitors’ delivery by requesting shippers to deliver from the monitor’s supplier directly to the consumer at the same time.

Quality Assurance

In a competitive arena, companies seek to have an advantage through means that are not necessarily related to price. Constraints against outsourcing due to excessive decentralization within organizations can have a negative impact on the value chain process. Combing various options and being open to diversification would support in increasing the speed-to-market and enhancing the quality of products (Ernst 2000)[7].

Dell has an operational facility in Penang Malaysia, which places Dell at a central position near to where most suppliers actually have their factories. Orders for goods come directly to Penang center through the integrated suppliers’ logistic centers (SLCs) chain[8]. The Penang center sends emails to suppliers requesting the parts that will be assembled based on the customer’s order. The entire model was efficient enough to require no more than 36 hours from order to shipping. In terms of quality of service, Dell has won numerous awards for highest quality. In spite of that, it continues to find means to increase the efficiency of its products. Michael Dell suggested that reducing the human interaction with hard drives during assembly would decrease its failure rate. As a result, the reduction of the number of “touches” dropped the failure rate to 20%.

Business Automation

The general attitude from individuals and employees within organizations is that automation through information systems complicate their internal processes, and might result in cutting down the number of staff (Khatibi, V.Thyagarajan and Seetharaman 2003)[9]. There are several psychological and behavioral problems associated with reluctance to change, which appear to impede the growth of E-commerce. On the other hand, retailers no longer think their web sites are simply an added benefit for their customers since the ROI (Return on Investment) percentages from online websites have far outweighed their bricks-and-mortar counterparts (Casey 2004)[10]. For that reason, the staff involved in the traditional sales process requires training to embrace new technologies and to learn how they can benefit from it.

For Dell online store the response from the consumers was huge, however, at first the sales representatives feared that the online website would reduce the number of sale deals they closed. To overcome this, Dell introduced the cost saving model showing how the online store would support sales representative close more deals and at the same time would produce cost effective results that would have a positive ROI on the business.

Dynamic Industry

Customer relations management (CRM) is a very vital competency that was born from the amount of transactional sales deals through call centers. The process of understanding customers goes through the initial phase of collecting data then analyzing trends and eventually building a knowledge base that will drive the profitable relationship (Liew 2008)[11]. Organizations’ use of CRM models is an attempt to get firsthand knowledge that would improve marketing effectiveness, bring more personalization, and build brands among other objectives based on the nature of the business (Anderson, Jolly and Fairhurst 2007)[12].

Michael Dell model is based on keeping no inventory, in order for Dell to maintain that they focused on segmenting their customers into scalable businesses that can be analyzed for their level of demand. Sales executives at Dell used communication skills to elicit information from customers that would further support the demand forecast initiatives at the company. In addition, Dell sent surveys to customers to further understand the satisfaction level with the services provided by Dell and modify its product line and services accordingly. Furthermore, Michael Dell discussed how regional meetings in various countries invited potential customers to further enrich the relationship and give room for comments and feedback about Dell’s services. On top of all that, Dell strived to provide information for its customers to help them make proper choices for their IT requirements and gain privileged information about new and upcoming technologies. Dell invested in developing a web portal in the form of “Premier Pages” for high-end customers and another for small to medium businesses at[13]. Both sites aim at providing information to customers and establishing a single point of access for customers’ IT service requirements.


Dell is simply a success story; it shows how one can gain market advantage by simply understanding what brings value to customers. No one, even Michael Dell himself when he started, thought that people would enjoy customizing their PC orders and wait patiently as the order makes its way back to their homes. Some studies talk about how people challenged the initial delivery estimates provided by Dell to see if they were met.

The level of expansion Dell strived to achieve brought in problems as with any growing business. However, by adapting techniques such as In-sourcing and mutual benefit partnerships it reduced its potential staff from 80,000 to only 15,000. Dell also was aware of factors that would hinder its supply chain. For example, they maintained a multiple list of shippers as not to be affected by unexpected delays and organizational issues. In addition, they understood the importance of developing their own enterprise systems in-house to control all the variables and maintain their business processes.

This is one of the best case studies in the IT industry. I believe the level of commitment Dell showed in the model he created is inspiring. On the editorial side, I believe more highlights on the internal infrastructure of Dell’s network would have helped in building an understanding of how the supply chain actually worked. Did they use CRM modules, ERP, SCM, or a combination of all? How did Dell secure its information link with its suppliers, were all of them mature enough when it came to Information systems?


  • Organizations should focus on value adding activities like establishing online portals for their customers.
  • Businesses should conduct frequent surveys to measure the level of service they provide and work on enhancing their products.
  • Organizations should decentralize and enable expansion through global techniques such as out-sourcing and in-sourcing.
  • Building internal enterprise information systems is the most effective methodology for information and knowledge sharing.
  • Establishing multiple touch points with customers, strengthen the relationship and increases satisfaction levels.
  • Meeting global quality standards is the only way to get an advantage in a competitive arena.
  • Internal organization assessment and training is vital to maintain the high spirit of employees and increase their productivity.
  • Management support and funding is a key element in the success of any information system implementation.


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Source by Sally Ahmed